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The 28th Fair
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28th CeramBath Fair Report

— 10.18 - 21 , 2016

According to official statistics, the four-day event attracted a total passenger flow of 48526 from home and abroad, decreasing 2.3% compared with the 27th CeramBath in April, while up 4.1% compared with the same time last year. Among all, international visitors accounted for a steady 10.6% of the total, almost same with the last session.

CeramBath’s influence on the industry and brands, however, beat the bad weather and continued to?extend its scope. In particular, with a large scale of Chinese enterprises entering the Belt and Road market, CeramBath has been playing an important role to guide Chinese ceramics enterprises to go global efficiently. In four days, CeramBath presented the spectacular development trend of Chinese ceramics industry with a series of events, including the Belt and Road Forum, Product Releases, Global Sourcing Festival, Export Overall Solution, Design Salon, etc.

It has been 15 years since CeramBath was founded in 2002. At the first beginning, CeramBath helped Chinese enterprises construct the stage to go global with the help of Canton Fair. Today it has become the world’s 4th and China’s most influential ceramic fair. Attracting around 100 international brands from abroad, CeramBath has built a globalized platform in the true sense.


The Close of the 28th CeramBath did not mean an end, but a new start instead. See you in the 29th CeramBath in April, 2017!