The 36th Cerambath Came to A Successful Conclusion!

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April 21, the 36th Cerambath came to a successful conclusion. The exhibition ushered in more than 800 brands from all over the world including architectural ceramic wall and floor tiles, slabs, stone, ceramic machinery & raw materials, mosaics, sanitary ware, baths, taps & fittings, home furnishing and other upstream and downstream fields. It has attracted 64574 professional buyers from 318 cities in 38 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to the offline exhibition. Moreover, 1.18 million people visited the exhibition online, and nearly 20,000 products were unveiled at the exhibition. A stunning debut, a total of 38 online live events were held, the total number of visits in the live room was 860,000, and more than 100 media at home and abroad simultaneously reported the grand occasion!

Exhibitors Profile

The 36th Cerambath embraced a total of more than 800 exhibitors. At the same time, the Online Cerambath 2021 (Phase 1) also attracted 224 brands to participate. Domestic exhibitors mainly cover more than 10 provinces including Guangdong, Fujian, Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Hebei, Hunan and Jiangxi.

Exhibits Profile

With the theme of "New·Move", the exhibition has nine themed areas including International Brands Area, Slab Hall, Slab Industry Service Area, Featured Products Area, Color Area, "Newborn Art Festival" Theme Exhibition Area, Sealant Hall, Auxiliary Materials Area and Hotel Project Materials Center.

In the exhibition, the display of featured products and slabs still play an important part. The display of slab furnishings has increased while the display of traditional products such as tiles and background walls has shown a downward trend. The proportion of new materials, ceramic accessories and characteristic tiles has increased.

Products Trends

1. Color regression, product + design, appearance + technology

01 International Brands Area













02 Color Area


Color Master


Lion King




Quality Character



03 "Newborn Art Festival" Theme Exhibition Area


"Newborn Art Festival" Theme Exhibition Area

04 Hotel Project Materials Center

酒店工程选材中心 (1).jpg

Hotel Project Materials Center

2. Slab world, cross-border applications, large size





Italy Ievon Slab

Italy EK Slab


3.  National tide, Morandi color products, exaggerated stone patterns


JLA Ceramics

New Regal



4. Large-size tiles & slabs-- still the main products


White Rabbit





Buyers Profile


The 36th Foshan Cerambath has attracted 64574 professional buyers from 318 cities in 38 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to the offline exhibition. The number of visitors increased by 9.18% compared with the 35th session.

36届行业和人群分部_画板 1.jpg

Meanwhile, compared with the 35th session, the number of buyers from southwest and northwest regions have risen sharply, among which Sichuan and Chongqing were active regions, with an increase of 53.96%.


Buyers Voice

Ms. Gao Designer

As a good platform, Cerambath can provide designers and buyers with more and better choices. Slabs is a kind of product that I would like to focus on. Some designer friends I know are also very interested in slabs. They apply slabs into their design works, which undoubtedly gives better play to the advantages of slabs.

Ms. Hong  Distributor

This is my fifth year participating in the Cerambath. Everyone in the ceramic industry knows Cerambath. The Cerambath this year has set up different special areas for different categories, which does good to us buyers.

Mr. Hu Distributor

I have attended the Cerambath for about 7 or 8 times. I think it is a good innovation to set up different areas in this year's exhibition, which will make it easier for our buyers to find the products we want. Generally speaking, Cerambath has a relatively complete range of products, and it is also at the forefront of the market. I will continue to participate in the next Cerambath.

Exhibitors Voice

Hongdaqiye Mr. Ma

In the past few days of the exhibition, the customer flow of our booth is kinda good. Customers come from all over the country, mainly from Guangdong, Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi. This year the organizing committee has divided different areas according to brand products, which I think is a good thing for both exhibitors and buyers.

We will continue to participate in the the next Cerambath!

Sheng Ming Mr. Cui

Customers have a high degree of recognition of our products, and there are about 700 customers who actively add our wechat. On the morning of the 19th, all the samples of our booth were ordered, and even the iron frame was ordered away. Under such conditions, I am very satisfied with such a high volume.

China Wind  Mr.Wang

Our company has participated in Cerambath for many times. My biggest feeling is that the effect of the exhibition is very good and we have increased the transaction volume through the exhibition.

Various Events

More than 60 events were staged, focusing on sharing and win-win industry feast

International Building Materials New Application Exchange 2021

Cerambath Live: Exploring New Opportunities & Trends 2021

China Slab Summit 2021

The 10th China Hotel Culture Festival

The 10th China Hotel Culture Festival

New Slab Forces-The 2nd CeramBath Super Live Festival

The Opening Ceremony of the New Trends, New Forces, New Elements | China Ceramic City Featured Products Hall & Kwai Greater Bay Area Pan Home Furnishing (Building Materials) Live Broadcasting Center

The 37th CermBath will be held at the same place on October 18th to 21st, stay tuned and meet you in Foshan!

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