Hot! China’s Ceramics Factories Raise Price Simultaneously under Electricity Rationing

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Since the second half of the year 2021, the Electricity Rationing have influenced hundreds of ceramic factories across 20 provinces all over China. Most of these factories have to face the tough circumstances such as Out of Product, Capacity Reduction (20% - 70%), production avoiding the peak hours and so on. Even worse, there are 8 provinces and cities including Guangdong, Shandong, Sichuan and Hunan suffering the increasing charges for electricity in recent time. In some areas, the peak price of electricity has been raised by 25%. So to speak, China ceramic factories have been experiencing the Dark Hour of High Electricity Cost. (Source: CTW)


Since Mid-September 2021, the whole Ceramics Industry had been forced to conduct the Price-Rising to mitigate cost pressure. According to news from TAOCIXINXI, almost all the factories amongst these 20 influenced provinces had launched the notification of Price-Rising around October 1st. “Price-Rising is not unusual in Ceramic Industry, however, you have never seen a Price-Rising happened in such a large-scale and intensive way ”, said one of the Industry veterans.


From these public notifications of Price-Rising, we can find that the involved product types are so much including Polished Tile, Glazed Tile, Rustic Tile, Slab, Mid-Size Slab, Ceramic Tile, Spanish Tile and etc. In the past, Price-Rising of tiles is always a small range fluctuation, such as raising by 0.2RMB/PC, 0.5RMB/PC and so on. But at this time, there are many factories raising the unit-price by 10%. Some of them raised the 600x1200mm-Size and 800x800mm-Size by 2.5RMB/PC and 2RMB/PC respectively. Besides, the price of Spanish Tile start to rise by dimes per piece, which is used to rise by cents per piece.


Notably speaking, for a long time, before the Pricing-Rising just happened within the small and medium-sized ceramic factories, the Leading Brands of the market wouldn’t be influenced, however, there are no exceptions this time.


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