• Liangjian
    Turkey Dark Emperador Series A6019

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    The pattern looks like the real stone, and the tile body is brown color and water absorption is 0.3%. All products are sold all over the country distribution.

  • JADN
    Rural Series -2011

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    Does not smoke oil smoke, not suck the odor, not have the radiation environmental protection product. It is the first choice for home decoration engineering.

  • JADN
    Rural Series-2010

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    Rural Series is a new pursuit in the field of creation. It is another high-grade custom work in the mosaic industry. This product has never faded and can maintain a permanent new effect.


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  • Liangjian
    Product Series: Exerion

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    Product Feature:Its very special product inside the bathroom which has achieved international advanced level in accordance with Germanys first-line production process in product design and production.

  • Liangjian
    Product Series: Black Gold Flower

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    Product Feature:The black marble pattern displays the luxury feeling into the interior space. With the gold lines, this tile is perfect choice for high-enddesign.

  • Suregres
    Product Series: Gaudi

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    The design of this series is inspired from the Spanish architectural master AntoniGaudi architectural style. In his design almost no right angle could be seen, cos he thinks line is man-made,only the curve is from nature.

  • Selma
    Product Series: Alsace

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    The design of Alsace makes you feel like you are in the Oregon rock zone as the product has different stone surfaces of natural texturewith high solution print. The inspiration of this collection is from the independent spirit ofhard rock.

  • Selma
    Product Series: Milano Stone

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    Product Feature:Milan is the most developed city in Europe and the four largest economic center. Milanostone, like this city, has more influence and a different art of ceramic design

  • Suregres
    Product Series: Seine River

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    Product Feature:This product pattern looks like Seine River,presenting its graceful and peaceful image of running stream to the ocean.

  • Innoci
    Product Series: Bogen

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    Product Feature:Large capacity vanity, easy to store up and intense design feature, are perfect to meet consumers high-end demand.

  • Voncol
    Berlin Grey

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    Grey times possess exclusive beauty.