• BODISI(玻迪斯)

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    Model: TC001Size: 10 X 10 X 4mmModel: SWIM001Size: 25x25x4mmRandom size Model: BTFLY001Random sizeFrom BODISIHuaxia VenueBooth No. A64Company Introduction:Foshan City Nanhai Bodisi Decoration Material Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. Our company special

  • BADR CERAMICS(巴得尔陶瓷 )

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    Model: BKK01Size: 300*300mmModel: BKK6002Size: 600*600mmModel: BLL60008Size: 600*1200mmFrom BADR CERAMICSHuaxia VenueBooth No. A24/A27Company Introduction:Bader Ceramics is a new high-end ceramic brand launched by Foshan Badr Building Materials Co., Ltd.S

  • ELIZABETH ( 伊莉莎白 )

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    AmiraModel: EQ189P001Size: 900 X 1800 MMSeineModel: EQ189P015 Size: 900 X 1800 MM Panda whiteModel: EQ189P018Size: 900 X 1800 MMFrom ELIZABETH Huaxia VenueBooth No. B01Company Introduction:

  • JINYIN ( 金银 )
    Background Wall/Stone

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    Stone Customized sizeStone Customized sizeStone Customized sizeFrom ShengYangStoneHuaxia Venue Booth No. D08Company Introduction:Shengyang Stone Industry, located in the capital of decorative materials production (Foshan), specializing in the produc

  • SAOPAULO(圣堡龙)

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    Model: SM800Q0002 Size: 800X800mmModel: SM800Q0003Size: 800X800mmModel: SM800Q0005Size: 800X800mmFrom SAOPAULOHuaxia VenueBooth No. B13Company Introduction:Founded in Foshan, Guangdong Province in 2009, SAOPAULO Ceramics is an outstanding new brand new in


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    Danxia StoneModel: ALXG49412A Size: 285*75mmGobi sand shadowModel: AOZ879873BHSize: 240*60mmQin YunModel: AUNY79583CHSize: 227*60mmFrom GUANG TAO CERAMICSHuaxia Venue Booth No. D33/D34Company Introduction:Founded in 1989, Guangning Guangtao Ceramics Co.,

    Porcelain Floor Tile

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    Model: CD1264Size: 600x1200mmColor: BlackPorcelain Floor TileModel: CD6610Size : 600*600mmColor: GreyPorcelain Floor TileModel: Wooden Ceramic TileSize: 150*900mmColor: BrownCeramic Floor TileFrom COLOR MASTERCompany Introduction:Color Master is a brand o

  • White Rabbit
    Porcelain Mosaic

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    Item: MT32000Size: 51x59mmColor: whitePorcelain Mosaic Item: QR61000Size: 48x70mmColor: whitePorcelain MosaicItem: STWB61133Size: 48x48mmColor: brownPorcelain MosaicFrom White RabbitCompany Introduction:WhiteRabbit Ceramics Co., Ltd is the Xuri Group

  • FRLS
    Terrazzo Series

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    Morden Terrazzo Series/Venice Terrazzo Series/Bologa Terrazzo Series

  • Shafei

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    Model: 4HTEX01Size: 288X284MMColor: white; grey; red; Model:GT-GMA82306Color: white; brown; grey; Bblacksize: 300x300mmStone carving mosaic tiles can be used in the washing room and living room as decoration Model: FLRA82307Color: white; brown; grey;

  • Decoboat

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    Model: AM0608Size: 300x300MMColor: blue square designModel:LilySize:Customized sizeModel: 901DPSize: customized sizeFrom DecoboatCompany Introduction:"Decoboat" is the most professional brand of art pottery kiln , has been committed Glaze on ce…

    Thin Tiles Series

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    Model: PK02SIZE:600x1200MMBookmatch Calacatta design with grey color marble designModel: PN01Size:1000*1000*6mmCalacatta design Model:MF05 (Sandstone design)size :600*1200*4.8mmFrom BOBOCompany Introduction:LA`BOBO is a new leading enterprise among the w…