• Selma
    Product Series: Alsace

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    The design of Alsace makes you feel like you are in the Oregon rock zone as the product has different stone surfaces of natural texturewith high solution print. The inspiration of this collection is from the independent spirit ofhard rock.

  • Selma
    Product Series: Milano Stone

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    Product Feature:Milan is the most developed city in Europe and the four largest economic center. Milanostone, like this city, has more influence and a different art of ceramic design

  • Suregres
    Product Series: Seine River

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    Product Feature:This product pattern looks like Seine River,presenting its graceful and peaceful image of running stream to the ocean.

  • Innoci
    Product Series: Bogen

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    Product Feature:Large capacity vanity, easy to store up and intense design feature, are perfect to meet consumers high-end demand.

  • Voncol
    Berlin Grey

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    Grey times possess exclusive beauty.

  • Overland
    Stellar Grey

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    Developed jointly with Digital Design, Italy topnotch design association, High-class Grey adopts original CS soft color technology.

  • Voncol
    Porvoo Grey

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    Exposed natural color with massive quality, the unpretentious while steady characteristic of this series unfolds the strength of architecture.simple lines, texture and color of Glorious Days(CementSeries) seems like recounting silent years and endow

  • Roma Ceramic
    Ireland Grey

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    The texture and color of this series look like more fashionable and leisurely by combining with high-end grey design, mottled texture, distinct strip, innovative stone pattern and different grizzled lines.

  • Elisa
    Venus Grey

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    With irregular and low-key texture, this seriestransits naturally and inosculates as a whole, making youfeel harmonious and comfortable. The rich grey color createsromantic and enjoyable atmosphere.

  • JNJ

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