CERAMIC·BATHROOM October 18-21, 2019



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    Item: DL0151-HSize: 178*130mm Item: DL0151Size: 178*130mm Item: DL0150Size: 302*160mm From BALLEE CCC Venue Booth No. B138 Company Introduction: Zhejiang Ballee Sanitary Wares Technology Co., Ltd which was founded in 1993 Is the "national high-tech

  • Innoci

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    Item: PD1620102LSize: 600*1200mmItem: PD1620601LSize: 600*1200mmItem: PD1902202RSize: 900*900mmFrom PADARACCC VenueBooth No. A309

  • SHKL
    Bathroom Cabinet

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    ItemNO: KL810654BSize: 1828*520*720mmcolor: Blackwalnut+mattblackMaterial: plywood+stainlesssteelItemNO: KL810650Size: 1200*460*840mmColor: BlackwalnutMaterial: plywoodItemNO: KL810653Size: 1524*545*760mmColor: Elmmelamine+MatwhiteMaterail: Elmmalemine+oa

  • Langdeng Sanitary Ware
    Bathroom Cabinet

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    Item: LD-3218Size: 1380*560mmItem: LD-3220Size: 900*500mmItem: LD-2397Size: 800*500mmFrom LANGDENGCCC VENUEBOOTH NO. B125Website:

  • Momochun
    Bathroom Cabinet

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    Item: AH01Size: 900*500*730mmItem: AE09Size: 500*500*730mmItem: AY01Size: 900*500*730mmFrom MomochunCCC VenueBOOTH. NO B105Website:

  • Momochun
    Bathroom Cabinet

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    Item: A021CSize: 800*500*730mmItem: A043Size: 1100*500*730mmItem: AT06Size: 700*500*730mmFrom MomochunCCC VenueBOOTH. NO B105Website:

  • Jinzun

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    Item: JZ8626Size: 1300*1300*600mmsolid surface free standing round bathtubItem: JZ1032Size: 800*450*130mmsolid surface wall hung basin Item: JZ2011Size: 495*495*900mmsolid surface free standing basinFrom JinzunCCC VenueBOOTH. NO B126Company Introduction:J

  • TESUN(缇森)
    American Style Bathroom Vanity

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    Model: TS-7016Size: 1750*625*850 MMColor: glossy whiteMarble + Plywood vanityModel: TS-7066Size: 1200*6250*850 MMColor: camellia colorMarble + Plywood vanity Model: TS-7045Size: 820*560*850 MMColor: red oak Plywood + solid wood vanityFrom TESUNWebsite: WW

  • MUNK(蒙克)

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    Item: B117W1Description: BathtubSize: 1700*800*520mmColor: matte white/matteblack/matte coffee/cement colorItem: P11507Description: Pedestal sinkSize: 510*410*870mmColor: matte white/matte black/matte coffee/cementcolorItem: 957210Description: Basin mixer

  • LEDIN(雷丁)

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    Model: LD-G1003Size: 1500*450*480mmColor: glossy white Plywood + Solid wood vanityModel: LD-8933ASize: 1000*490*480mmColor: red oak Plywood + Solid wood vanityModel: LD-1331Size: 1000*490*520 MMColor: glossy whitePlywood + Solid wood vanityFrom LEDINCCC

  • KOHLER(科勒卫浴)

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    Sanitary WareModel: K77795T-SG_0 Size: 700x418x523mmSanitary WareModel: K-21728T-HT200-AF Size: 298*188*383mmHardwareModel: K-99855T-4-CP Size: 88mmFrom KOHLERCCC Venue Booth No.A402Company Introduction:Founded in 1873, the Kohler Company is one of the la

  • IDEAL/HANSGROHE(理想/汉斯格雅)
    Baths/Shower Room

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    Shower RoomModel: SS9 Size: 1000*1200*1000*2200mmShower RoomModel: SYM3 Size: 2100*1000*2000mmShower Room Model: SR1-10 Size: 1400*2000mmFrom IDEAL/HANSGROHECCC Venue Booth No.B419Company Introduction:Founded in 1987, Since 1995, we specialized in the des