CERAMIC·BATHROOM October 18-21, 2019


    Sanitary ware

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    Item: JZ8628Size: 1650*800*580MMItem: JZ6013Size: 600*400*500MMItem: JZ9002Size: 600*350*90MMFROM JINGZUNCOMPANY INFORMATIONFounded in 2007, Jingzun Sanitary ware Co.,ltd. areprofessional on artificial stone, modified solid surface and pure solid surfacep

  • VOGO
    Smart toilets

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    Item: R500 Size: 660*405*485MMItem: R800Size: 655*405*535MMItem: SL620Size: 650*400*430MMFROM VOGOCOMPANY INFORMATIONZHEJIANG WANJIE INTELLIGENT BATHROOM CO.,LTD. is a professional manufacturer and trader specializing in the design, development and produc

  • Conrazzo

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    Item: CS-0009TWRSize: 39x39x12CMItem: CS-0011CSize: 40x28x12CMItem: CS-0018SBBSize: 40x22x10CMFROM ConrazzoCOMPANY INFORMATIONLocated in Zhongshan, Guangdong, Conrazzo is a comprehensive sanitary ware brand that uses unique materials like cement, sand and

  • Bondi Designs
    Sanitary ware

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    Item: FREEDOM费灵顿Size: 1200*500*480MMItem: BRC系列——吊轮双趟淋浴房Size: 屏风:1300*2000、方形:1300*800标品(高2000)Item: TL-02Size: 670*410*500MMFROM Bondi DesignsCOMPANY INFORMATIONBondi Designs is a brand-oriented enterprise in sanitary ware industr…

  • ADN

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    Item: C1715Size: 500*380*130MMItem: D1705Size: 560*430*150MMItem: J1702Size: 500*500*160MMFROM ADN COMPANY INFORMATIONADN SANITARY WARE COMPANY is professional manufaturer specialing in handicraft art basin. It not only strives for providing qualified pro


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    Item: DL0151-HSize: 178*130mm Item: DL0151Size: 178*130mm Item: DL0150Size: 302*160mm From BALLEE CCC Venue Booth No. B138 Company Introduction: Zhejiang Ballee Sanitary Wares Technology Co., Ltd which was founded in 1993 Is the "national high-tech

  • Innoci

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    Item: PD1620102LSize: 600*1200mmItem: PD1620601LSize: 600*1200mmItem: PD1902202RSize: 900*900mmFrom PADARACCC VenueBooth No. A309

  • SHKL
    Bathroom Cabinet

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    ItemNO: KL810654BSize: 1828*520*720mmcolor: Blackwalnut+mattblackMaterial: plywood+stainlesssteelItemNO: KL810650Size: 1200*460*840mmColor: BlackwalnutMaterial: plywoodItemNO: KL810653Size: 1524*545*760mmColor: Elmmelamine+MatwhiteMaterail: Elmmalemine+oa

  • Langdeng Sanitary Ware
    Bathroom Cabinet

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    Item: LD-3218Size: 1380*560mmItem: LD-3220Size: 900*500mmItem: LD-2397Size: 800*500mmFrom LANGDENGCCC VENUEBOOTH NO. B125Website:

  • Momochun
    Bathroom Cabinet

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    Item: AH01Size: 900*500*730mmItem: AE09Size: 500*500*730mmItem: AY01Size: 900*500*730mmFrom MomochunCCC VenueBOOTH. NO B105Website:

  • Momochun
    Bathroom Cabinet

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    Item: A021CSize: 800*500*730mmItem: A043Size: 1100*500*730mmItem: AT06Size: 700*500*730mmFrom MomochunCCC VenueBOOTH. NO B105Website:

  • Jinzun

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    Item: JZ8626Size: 1300*1300*600mmsolid surface free standing round bathtubItem: JZ1032Size: 800*450*130mmsolid surface wall hung basin Item: JZ2011Size: 495*495*900mmsolid surface free standing basinFrom JinzunCCC VenueBOOTH. NO B126Company Introduction:J