Model: BKK01Size: 300*300mmModel: BKK6002Size: 600*600mmModel: BLL60008Size: 600*1200mmFrom BADR CERAMICSHuaxia VenueBooth No. A24/A27Company Introduction:Bader Ceramics is a new high-end ceramic brand launched by Foshan Badr Building Materials Co., Ltd.S

Model: BKK01

Size: 300*300mm

Model: BKK6002

Size: 600*600mm

Model: BLL60008

Size: 600*1200mm


Huaxia Venue
Booth No. A24/A27

Company Introduction:

Bader Ceramics is a new high-end ceramic brand launched by Foshan Badr Building Materials Co., Ltd.
Since the establishment of the Bader brand, it has established a text centered on “Supreme Quality, Virtue World”.
Buddar ceramics shines in the international ceramic world with a new attitude of high quality.
Various types of products such as microcrystalline stone, polished brick, antique brick, interior wall brick, bathroom, etc., with various specifications and types, professionally exported to Russia and the Middle East market, with rich colors and complete sets, able to meet all kinds of engineering and furniture needs, deeply loved by consumers.
Website: www.badr.com.cn

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