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Shower RoomModel: SS9 Size: 1000*1200*1000*2200mmShower RoomModel: SYM3 Size: 2100*1000*2000mmShower Room Model: SR1-10 Size: 1400*2000mmFrom IDEAL/HANSGROHECCC Venue Booth No.B419Company Introduction:Founded in 1987, Since 1995, we specialized in the des

Shower Room

Model: SS9 

Size: 1000*1200*1000*2200mm

Shower Room

Model: SYM3 

Size: 2100*1000*2000mm

Shower Room

 Model: SR1-10 

Size: 1400*2000mm


CCC Venue
Booth No.B419

Company Introduction:

Founded in 1987, Since 1995, we specialized in the design and manufacture of shower doors. Ideal sanitary ware has product design center in both Germany and China, and the top five shower door products that sales best in European building materials market are designed and manufactured by Ideal.
The factory covers an area of more than 160,000 square meters, the number of employees has reached more than 900, and the annual output of shower doors is more

than 770,000 sets. We are one of the largest shower door manufacturers in the world.

Website: www.china-ideal.com

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