CERAMIC·BATHROOM October 18-21,2017



Invite & Get Cash

Bonus for CeramBath Old Friends

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If you are a CeramBath buyer, you can invite new visitors to the fair and get ¥100 for every new visitor you bring during the 30th CeramBath (maximum ¥500).


Activity Location: Buyer Lounge at China Ceramics City Venue
Activity Dates: October 18-21, 2017
Authentication: The invited new visitors will need to show passport and business card for identification on site.
Pre-registration: Please send the name and nationality of the new visitors you plan to bring to


Process Guidance


CeramBath Old Visitor Invites New Visitors (Overseas)

Old & New Visitors Arrive at Buyer Lounge at China Ceramics City Venue

The Invited New Visitors Show Passport and Business Card

Get Cash (¥100/New Visitor)





 Old Buyer A invites 3 new visitors (B, C and D) to CeramBath, then A, B, C and D may share ¥300 bonus.


(Remark: Foshan China Ceramics City Group reserves the final interpretation right of this event.)


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