• CeramBath Keeps Connecting the World

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    It is reported that, since the first America Trade Mission in 2007, delegations from Korea, Spain, Thailand, etc. have come one after another.

  • Let’s Meet in Foshan (China) to the 28th CeramBath

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    CeramBath attracts exhibitors from around the world, mainly from Germany, UAE, Italy, Spain, USA and Japan. Famous global brands included Porcelanosa

  • The 27th Cerambath Ended with a Great Success

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    In 27th Cerambath, cement tile, wood tile, rustic tile, art tile and other unique exhibits were still hot. New material mosaic and the background wall were also favored by buyers.

  • Scan the Hot Spots of the 27th CeramBath

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    In this session, the organizer is keeping to upgrade the buyer registration system, realizing the pre-research of buyers’demands.Plus, Wan Tao Hui, the online platform