• Foshan Pan Home Furnishing Industy Alliance for Large Business Landscape

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    On October 18, the First Pan Home Furnishing Industry Development and Cooperation on the Belt and Road Forum, which was hosted by Bureau of Commerce of Foshan City and organized by China Ceramics City Group, rang down its curtain successfully. Over 500 gu

  • The 28th CeramBath Review

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    The 28th CeramBath wrapped up on Oct. 21st. Affected by typhoon and heavy rains, the 28th CeramBath, which opened from Oct. 18th, closed doors ahead of schedule at noon of Oct. 21st. According to official statistics, the four-day event attracted a total p

  • CeramBath Exhibits: Featured Rustic Tiles

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    Are you looking for special and splendid ceramic tile? Let’s search for some special rustic ceramic tile together in this session! GRES No.3 2F CCC VenueMain Product: Hexagonal Rustic Tile Recommended Product Model: IL02 Pro…

  • CeramBath Exhibits: Featured Mosaic Products

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    Originated in ancient Greece, a mosaic is a design consisting of small pieces of colored glass.Mosaic is always reminiscent of chocolate previously.However,It was favored as fashion decorative material for its exquisite and colorful.Today, let’s have a lo

  • CeramBath Exhibits: Featured Bathroom Products

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    Living in big cities, a dream home means perfection even in the bathroom. Now let’s enjoy the characteristic sanitary products! 01 TOTOA413/A433, CCC VenueMain Product: Sanitary ware Recommended Product 1 Model: CES6531A Product Feature: Beautiful and cl

  • CeramBath Exhibits: Featured Ceramic Tiles (1)

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    01 ICC A301, CCC Venue, Block E Middle Area, CCIH VenueMain Product: Ceramic Tile Recommended Product 1 Model: NovaProduct Feature: For ICC blue wooden ceramic tile series, we apply the most innovative design and advanced technology and raw material to

  • CeramBath Exhibits: Featured Ceramic Tiles (2)

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    Each texture is in ingenuity; each tile extends our sincererity. Those exquisite products are showcasing the personality. Let us appreciate the beauty of tile01part MZ CeramicsNo.4, 2F, CCC VenueMain Product: Carpet TileRecommended Product 1 Model:MZ696

  • CeramBath Exhibits: Classic Fashion Stone Products

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    About the marble tiles, the vivid texture, colors and texture bring us waves of gracefulness. Let us appreciate the beauty of stone Foshan Annwa Ceramic&Bathroom Co.Ltd.,No.A13, CCC VenueMain Product: Marble TileRecommended Product 1 Model: NF08

  • Highlights of the Upcoming 28th CeramBath

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    The 28th CeramBath comes in time and will be grandly held on October 18th-21st, 2016. All the preparation work has been drawing to a close. Today, let’s scan the hot spots of the coming fair.

  • CeramBath Express: New Exhibits of the 28th CeramBath (Huaxia Venue)

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    Marvelous originality and distinct retro romance create elegant & noble temperament.

  • CeramBath Express: New Exhibits of the 28th CeramBath (CCC Venue)

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    Like the jazz music, modern rustic tile of Overland Jazz Series combines the artistic pursue of comfort & individuality

  • CeramBath Express: New Exhibits of the 28th CeramBath (CCIH Venue)

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    Inkjet Polished Tile processes both the physical property of traditional polished tiles and the?expressiveness of glazed tile