• Make Sure You Won’t Miss Your Chance Here!

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    “It’s so nice to get such kind of Exhibitors’ Yellow Page. That’s really what I want among hundreds of exhibitors during my visit in CeramBath.” said Mr. Miguel, the VIP of CeramBath from Venezuela. As we all know, the International Gold Member Club…

  • China’s First Ceramic O2O Online Purchase Platform shocking debut!

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    China Ceramics Industry Headquarter (short for CCIH), which was named by China Building Ceramics & Sanitaryware Association opened on 18th Oct., 2008. CCIH covers a floor area of 330,000 sqm and positions itself as the “Global Purchasing Centre, Ceram

  • World Sanitaryware Exports and Imports

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    World ceramic sanitaryware import/export flows increased by 64% from 1.7 to 2.8 million tonnes over the period 2006-2016, corresponding to an annual compound growth rate of 5.1%. However, this growth came to an abrupt standstill in 2016 when sanitaryware

  • Take a broad view of bathroom products from China Ceramics City in CIKB 2018!

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    David LockeProduct 1Product name: bathroom cabinet in modern luxurious styleProduct model: DL5731Product size:Main cabinet:1500x520x860mmBath mirror:550x800x150mm(2 pieces)Side Cabinet:300x270x150mm(2 pieces)Design concept:Leading you into the black &a…

  • VOGO, BJB & BOGENINI from CCC will be on show in CIKB 2018

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    VOGOProduct 1: unique without-tank square design embedded with sliver edge which has simple but elegant outline with modest luxury of metropolis new nobles. Buttocks cleaning system equipped with 5-level adjustment of water temperature and hydraulic press

  • This June, Bathroom Brands from CCC Landing Shanghai to Showing Greatest Strengths

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    In recent years, with the rise of foreign sanitary brands and the new forces of intelligent sanitary ware, the development of bathroom industry frequently encounters bottlenecks and domestic brands in order to capture market are under fierce competition t

  • Bangladesh: Shares Rise as Manufacturers See Improved Markets

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    Listed ceramic companies saw higher growth in profit last year owing to an increase in demand from the real estate sector and export markets.Five companies are listed on the Dhaka Stock Exchange. Of them, three posted more than 150 percent growth in profi

  • 【Part Two】Future Proofing - North Africa Sets for Tile Growth

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    Algeria Algeria, the second largest country inAfrica is the second largest ceramic tile producer and market among NorthAfrican countries. Catered by nine ceramic tile producers and significantimports, Algerian ceramic tile demand has registered average gr

  • 【Part One】Future Proofing - North Africa Sets for Tile Growth

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    In the last few years, the three majorNorth African ceramic tile markets outside of Egypt have grown relativelymodestly. Perhaps as a combination of political stability and financialinsecurity, these expanding population bases have not really matched thei

  • Extraordinary Series of Rustic Tile

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    Nowadays, the mainconsumption base are the post-80s and post-90s who pursue fashion, simplicityand personalization, thus rustic tile with the characteristics and style of diversification and variability wins theattention among those young consumers. Moder

  • Japan: Self-heal Ceramics for Engines

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    Japanese researchers say they have developed a ceramic material that self-repairs cracks in just a minute and could drastically change manufacturing methods for the transportation industry.The team from the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)

  • The 31st China International Ceramic & Bathroom Fair, Foshan Show Report

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    Visitors of 31st CeramBath has accumulated to 183,206. 88% of them are buyers from Chinese mainland and 12% are oversea buyers