• The U.S Real Estate Market Begins Full Recovery

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    U.S. Tile Consumption Overview:Strengthened by steady growth in the housing and construction markets, the U.S. economy continued to expand in 2016, helping lift the U.S. ceramic tile market to a seventh straight year of growth.U.S. ceramic tile consumptio

  • The Spanish ceramic tile industry continues its recovery

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    The Spanish ceramic tile industry has completed another year of growth, once again confirming the sector’s strong bill of health. According to figures announced by Ascer’s chairman Isidro Zarzoso during the last Cevisama, the industry closed 2016 with im…

  • The Ceramic Industry along the Belt and Road

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    World leaders gathered in Beijing this month to hear China’s plan for global trade: the One Belt One Road initiative.Nearly70countries andinternational organizations have signed up for the mega infrastructure project.How Big is the Belt and Road?The Belt…

  • Argentina Hits Back on Tile Imports

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    TheArgentina Ministry of Production has issued Resolution 701-E/2016 which theunglazed tile imported from China to carry out the anti-dumping review of theinvestigation. The customs code of MERCOSUR products is 6907.90.00. TheResolution shall enter into f

  • Design Positive Energy: Asia-Pacific Designers Summit & Awards Ceremony

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    The Asia-Pacific Designers Summit & Awards Ceremony, organized by Sina Jiaju, Committee of CeramBath and HK Interior Design Association, was grandly held at the 3rd floor of China Ceramics Industry Headquarters on April 20th. Many design industry eli

  • Buyers Voice

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  • One-to-One, Face-to-Face

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    One-to-One, Face-to-FaceSuccessful Conclusion of International Trade Mission

  • Some Tips to Visit the 29th CeramBath

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    The 29th China International Ceramics & Bathroom Fair, Foshan (CeramBath) will be held in Foshan as scheduled on April 18th to 21st. All the preparation work has been drawing to a close. Today we will focus on some tips to visit the coming event, rega

  • 29th CeramBath Featured Products Rollout

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    After Cersaie Bologna 2016, there whipped up a wave of gray color and big size trend in China ceramic tile industry. From the analysis of the latest exhibitors, this trend will last in 2017. In this session, the 29th CeramBath new exhibits will be present

  • International Networking Night! Welcome to join us!

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    The Organizing Committee of CeramBath is honored to invite you and your friends to attend International Networking Nightduring the 29th CeramBath (April. 18-21, 2016), which will be held at China Ceramics City on October 19th. International Networking N