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  • Ceramic Tiles and Porcelain Stoneware Market Analysis

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    Ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware areone of the basic building and finishing materials in the world. In 2017,the world market for ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware increased by 4%,compared to the previous year and amounted to 13.2 billion sq. m.

  • Ceramic Industry Witnesses a Major Breakthrough

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    Recent reports prove that the ceramic tiles industry has seen a majorboost in India in terms of revenue.The launch of specialised tiles supported space of an application,competitive valuation and a rise in demand for industrial and residentialreal-estate

  • Malaysia: A Haven for Chinese Exports?

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    Output,consumption export and import of ceramic tiles in Malaysia had been keeping acomparatively steady growing until recent years when it began to meet someproblems from home and abroad such as increased production cost, more supplythan demand and so on

  • Amazing Mosaic Product Show

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    Whether you are looking for the latest trends or original designs with a classic, timeless style, China Ceramics City is always the right place for you. Our new mosaic products will give you extreme visual enjoyment of beauty

  • Boom in Ceramic Units Puts Pricing under Pressure

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    The huge increase in Morbi in the number of new units manufacturing vitrified tiles has left India’s largest ceramic industry cluster saddled with excess production of such tiles.Overproduction of vitrified tiles has put tile-makers in the area under

  • MUSES: Not just Tile Manufacturer, But also Aesthetic Space Creator

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    Rustic tile is aunique product, which is similar to the old style, attracting peoplesattention with classical charm. Its style, color and pattern add a sense ofhistory in nostalgia. In recent years, some peoplebelieve that rustic tile is gradually declini

  • FCCCG Business Trip to Malaysia Concludes Successfully

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    On July 27th to 31st, 2018, Foshan China Ceramics City Group (FCCCG) guided Chinese ceramic and bathroom enterprises step into Malaysia for a five-day high-end business trip, and take part in Malaysia-China Business Conference 2018 held in Kuala Lumpur, b

  • Concentration Creates Marvelousness --- MARMOCER

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    Marble has always been a long-lasting topic. From ancient times to the present, it has become a "frequent visitor" in the history of human architecture with its natural beauty. It has been developed for thousands of years. With the development o

  • 7% overall growth forecast in the UK floor and wall tiles market until 2021

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    Subject as it is to the influences of consumer and business spending levels, construction output and underlying economic trends, the wall and floor tiles market delivered a strong performance between 2014 and 2017 with overall growth of 8%. However, growt

  • An Overview of Bangladesh's Ceramics Industry

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    Bangladesh is traditionally a promising market for the Chinese manufacturers. In their supply lines ceramic products are major ones, because of its matching to the economy of the Bangladeshi consumers. Despite tariff and non-tariff barriers that makes the

  • The Ceramic Industries of Morbi Have Lifted Highways by Doubling Exports in the Same Year

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    Ceramic businessmen of Morbi, who played the role of stingers around the world, exported more than double in the last one year. And in the coming days, with the investment of Rs 1500 crores, new wind tiles units are being started, the ceramic industry’s p

  • Vietnam Construction Material Market Remains Stable

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    The local building material market saw stable and good growth in the first months of 2018, meeting the demand of consumers.By the middle of the second quarter, about 29.83 million tonnes of cement and 105 million sq.m of construction glass were sold natio