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Reward Program: Super Lucky Draw

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Reward Program: Super Lucky Draw

Share CeramBath & Win Big Prizes

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To thank the constant support and appreciation of CeramBath visitors, the fair organizer committee has launched Reward Program since the 24th session. In order to gather most visitors of the sector to the fair, we sincerely invite you to share CeramBath with your friends and partners, bring them to the fair and together join our Super Lucky Draw, which will be held at Buyer Lounge of China Ceramics City on Oct. 18-21, 2016.


Super Lucky Draw1


To join Super Lucky Draw, you just need to satisfy one of the three conditions below:

★ Old visitors come to CeramBath with new visitors: Every new visitor gets one chance of lucky draw, while old visitor gets N chances of lucky draw (N=number of new visitors he brings to the fair). Please show your name card on spot for visitor authentication.

★ Share CeramBath Info on Facebook/Twitter: Like us on Facebook/Twitter and share CeramBath info to your own page.  Please keep the screenshot in your cellphone and show us on spot.

★ Become Gold Members of CeramBath. Please show your name card on spot for gold member authentication.

At 27th CeramBath, there were 87 lucky fellows: 2 won 1st Prize, 18 gained 2nd Prize, 25 got 3rd Prize and 42 took 4th Prize. Let’s hear the voice of the winners.

Winners at 27th CeramBath


Name:Dr. V. S Krishana Kumar (the right side)
Nationality: India
Prize: Airline Ticket Subsidy (First Prize)

China is always lucky to me! I am sure I will come to the 28th CeramBath and couldn’t help to look forward to the next trip to Foshan on October. The air ticket is convenient for me as it alleviates the burden of my trip. Thanks a lot.


Name:Arpit Bhimani
Nationality: India
Prize: Lunch Buffet Coupon (Second Prize)

This is my first time to come to this fair and I was recommended by my friend. I deeply feel the warm welcome for new visitors of the Cerambath which I never met before. I sincerely hope to enjoy the benefits of being a gold member and take part in the lucky draw again.


Name: Peter Maniscalco
Country: Australia
Prize: USB Flash Drive (Fourth Prize)

It is my first time to CeramBath which my friend recommended to me, so I came here with him. I’ve found here very interesting. Speaking of winning this prize, I am super lucky. I think this USB flash drive is beautiful and eye-catching so that I would not lose it any more. Plus, it is useful. I want to join this lucky draw next time to win a bigger prize. Also, I would bring my friends together. I’m quite sure they would like it.


Name: Sophine Lai (the right side)
Nationality: Hong Kong
Prize: Lunch Buffet Coupon (Second Prize)

Winning a free buffet coupon of a five-star hotel sounds really nice. I will enjoy it at noon with my colleague. The last time I went here was few years ago and I’ve found that there has been a huge change this time, such as the new design, new products and new technologies. I am glad that even though I spent no more than two days here, I still could found the products I want and they are even beyond my expectation. Therefore, I decide to attend the 28th CeramBath in October to do more purchasing.

A Total of 300 Lucky Draw Prizes are Waiting for You!

Time: Oct. 18-21, 2016
Location: Buyer Lounge of China Ceramics City

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