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'Big' Data of Chinese Building Ceramic and Relative Industries 2016

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Until October 2016, National Ceramic Tile Production Reached 9.065 Billion sqm, up 1.6%

With the implementation of the measures of environmental protection and the pressure of the increasing cost of production in 2016, the ceramic production suffered a great impact. According to the data published by China Building Ceramics & Sanitaryware Association, until October 2016, national ceramic tile production has reached 9.065 billion square meters, up 1.6%. The total production of more than 360 above-scale enterprises summed 165 million pieces, decreasing by 2.7%. National export of ceramics tiles has reached 867 million square meters, down by 7.6%, which amounted to 4.6 billion dollars, reducing by 27.4%. National export sanitary ware summed up to 59.7 million pieces, decreasing by 8.5%, which amounted to 2.31billion, reducing by 34.4%. The main business income of more than 1777 above-scale ceramic enterprises has increased by 3% and the sale profit increased by 0.1%.

Zibo Ceramic Capacity Confirmed to Retain only 200 Million sqm

Zibo government held a transition adjustment conference of the building ceramic industry, which made a further planning of the transition adjustment mission of the building ceramic industry to promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry. This conference made more concise and precise demands for the implementation plan of the transformation of the ceramics industry in Zibo, which was a complement of the previous plan for the transformation and upgrading of the ceramics companies in southern area of Zibo. The conference decided to retain only 200 million ceramic capacity in Zibo, which means there would be more significant changes to Zibo production area and cut down 500 million capacity out of 700 million.

Until October, Exports Dropped 7.6%, with Export Value Down 27.4%

The exports of ceramic tiles are faced with a fall in prices and transaction volumes since the beginning of 2016. According to China Building Ceramics & Sanitary ware Association, total exports of ceramic tiles dropped to 867 million, down by 7.6%, and total export value amounted 4.60 billion dollars, decreasing by 27.4%. Total exports of sanitary ware reached 59.7million pieces, dropped 8.5%, and total export value amounted 2.31 billion dollars, down 34.4%. According to some insiders, this record took its biggest tumble in over 30 years.

According to the General Administration of Customs on December 8, ceramic products on November generated 2.17 million tons, with total amount of 11.65 billion RMB. From January to November, Chinese total exports of ceramic products accumulated to 21.07 million tons, decreasing by 7.9%, with value 106.86 billion RMB, down 25.7% with same period last year.

China Faced 7 Anti-dumping Investigations Initiated Globally until October 2016

From January to October 2016, several anti-dumping cases were initiated by foreign countries against China. On February 19, Pakistan decided to initiate an anti-dumping investigation against China. On August 18, the Argentinian authorities initiated an anti-dumping investigation on imports of glazed tiles from China (Resolution 220/2016). Besides, India imposed contemporary anti-dumping duties of 1.37 dollar/m2 on China’s ceramic tiles. Thailand authority extended one year’s anti-dumping policy on May 31. From July 12 to October 24, Colombia and Mexico announced their final determination on China’s ceramic tiles. In the meanwhile, from September 2011 until now, the anti-dumping case initiated by EU against China is about to enter Sunset Review Regime.

From January to November, National Investment in Real Estate Development Reached 9338.7 Billion RMB, up 6.5%

From January to November, the national investment in real estate development reached 9338.7 billion RMB, up 6.5% year-on-year, 0.1% slower than the first ten months. Housing investment reached 6258.8 billion RMB, increasing by 6%, 0.1% faster than the first ten months.

The total area of commercial housing sold expanded by 24.3% to 1.36 billion sqm, 2.5% slower than the first ten months, with residential sales area increasing 24.5%, office sales area increasing 31.4% and commercial business sales area expanding 17.5%. Commercial housing sales reached 10250.3 billion RMB, with 37.5% growth, 3.7% lower than the first ten months. Thereinto, residential sales increased 39.3%, office sales increased 46.5% and commercial business sales expanded 20.1%.

Resource: China Building Ceramics & Sanitaryware Association 


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