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Buyers Voice

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From India


It’s my third time to come CeramBath. I am from a trading company, and we imports all types of tiles. CeramBath focuses on all kinds of tiles exhibitors. This is the reason why I come here. The fair is good and I think all is perfect here. And the staffs who work here are very nice, polite and enthusiastic. I am glad to chat with them. In addition, I think the CCC company pay more attention to the foreign buyers. I get a VIP card in this term. It is convenient to me because I do not need to wait a long line to register next time. I like it very much. And next session I will bring my friends to the fair.

Stoyanov Eugeny

From Ukraine


I am from Ukraine. I come to CeramBath with my daughter and friends. We are doing family business, and I have attended CeramBath for 7 times. What we are looking for is the art ceramics. We have been here for two days and already found the right products, but if there are more exhibitors, that might be better. I really like the volunteers here because they are very enthusiastic and friendly who helped us a lot. In particular, I think CeramBath is making progress session after session. I hope CeramBath will be better and better, I have confidence in you. I like China, and I will come in the next session again.

Khurram Sheland

From Pakistan


It is my first time to come to CeramBath. The first impression flashed across my mind was the staffs and services here were all excellent! When I entered the exhibition hall, everything was just prepared well for me, such as the free food and drinks. Though it was the first time to come here, your staffs invited me to take part in the International Networking Night, which made me feel at home here. I enjoyed the buffet, wine and the great performance. Those products on the first floor, such as the bathroom accessories and cabinets, were so wonderful and bright! All the products are extremely attracting, and the nice mosaics impressed me. As for the suggestion, I think everything is perfect that I cannot occur any words to access the CeramBath. Surely, I will attend the 30th CeramBath!

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