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Design Positive Energy: Asia-Pacific Designers Summit & Awards Ceremony

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The Asia-Pacific Designers Summit & Awards Ceremony, organized by Sina Jiaju, Committee of CeramBath and HK Interior Design Association, was grandly held at the 3rd floor of China Ceramics Industry Headquarters on April 20th.  Many design industry elites gathered together and shared their own opinion on design and hot topics.



This summit was divided into two major parts, which include keynote speech and theme discussion about“design positive energy”. During the keynote speech, Mr. Yin Hong, deputy secretary general of China Building Ceramics & Sanitaryware Association, made a speech on the rapid development of ceramic tile industry, brand concentration, brand awareness as well as the latest trend of ceramic tile products. Later, designers representing of different ages debated the theme with other outstanding designers and experts by expressing their own understanding of ideal life and space design concept.


This designers summit aimed to spread the latest design concept, share success stories, explore the better application between products and design field, deepen the channel of designer and buyers. Besides, a communication platform was constructed for the most influential ceramic and bathroom exhibition and designers, and cooperation opportunity was created for the integration and development of design power.

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