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30th CeramBath Products Preview

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Initiated in 2002, the biannual CeramBath is regarded as the most prestigious and influential ceramic and bathroom exhibition in China and Asia. From polished tile, microcrystal stone, thin tile before, to big size tile and modern rustic tile, which enjoy great popularity nowadays, all has became the market trend through CeramBath. Nowadays, ceramic and sanitary ware are also as good as those from Italy and Spain with technology transforming and upgrading. CeramBath has been seen as the market vane of the section in China. This part, we will take you to see some products preview. Let’s go!

Brand: Suregres

Booth No.: B312, CCC

Series: Gaudi


Product Feature: The design of this series is inspired from the Spanish architectural master Antoni Gaudi architectural style. Gaudi's demand for curve is the ultimate . In his design almost fail to see any right angle, cos he thinks line is man-made,only the curve is from nature. He analyzes and resolves Spanish traditional architecture , and concludes that building is as sculpture symphony, painting and poetry , full of art and beauty . This series mainly adopts soft curve and the looming texture looks like leaf veins , as Gaudi's bionic design philosophy perfect inheritance.

Series: Seine River 

Size:600*600mm, 600 x 1200 mm

Product Feature: Seine River is the most regular River in France. Seine river flows gently and has the name of "serene mother". Paris calls it a loving mother, saying, "Paris is the daughter of Seine River.".Extract the art characteristics of Seine River is the product designer. She did not like the sea roaring waves, this product texture like Seine River as graceful and peaceful, beautiful like a silk extended to the ocean, she formed the poetic torrents, endless joy and happiness. It is more like a beautiful romantic French girl, quietly tell romantic and romantic France.The people in the room paved this tile seem to go into Paris, surrounded by the romantic moment; at the same time feel on the left bank of the arts and humanities


Booth No: A331,CCC

Series: Black Gold Flower

Product Feature: Black gold flower polished glazed tile is full body tiles. water absorption is 0.3%, thickness is 9mm. It can be paved on floor or wall in door or outdoor decoration. Sizes have 600*600mm,600*900mm, 800*800mm,480*1000mm.

Series: Exerion

Product Feature: Exerion polished glazed tile is full body tiles. water absorption is 0.3%, thickness is 9mm. It can be paved on floor or wall in door or outdoor decoration. Sizes have 600*600mm,800*800mm

Brand: Selma Tiles

Series: Alsace

Size: 600x600mm

Product Feature: Alsace let you as if into the Oregon rock zone, different stone shine in the beautiful world, the nature of rock texture is not bound to a pattern, like the Beatles wild and independent spirit, for the significance in the field of freedom in.

Series: Milano Stone

Size: 600x600mm

Product Feature: MILANO STONE from Milan is also the world famous international metropolis of the world, one of the eight metropolitan area, Italy is the most developed city in Europe and the four largest economic center, the most influential fashion and design capital of the world and the fashion city, the world famous historical and cultural city, the world opera Shrine, the capital of the art world. Milano stone, like this city, has more influence and a different art to the design of ceramics.

Brand: Innoci

Booth No: A105,CCC

Series: Bogen

Product Feature: Make up mirror-Clear imaging, fogless, humanization design, enlargement function, which to illuminate your beauty. Multiple storage space-Large capacity vanity and easy to store up, intense design feature, in order to meet people’s high-end demand. Durable high-quality fittings: Rust proof, corrosion resistant, humanization design, INNOCI know you better off.

Brand: Doublux

Booth: B116,CCC

Series: Colored Environmental Trash Bin

Product Feature: Doublux Colored Environmental adhering to the idea of "Quality in heart, temperance in apperance",designed the trash can that integrates with moden household, what is the most short product in the market, the market prospect is broad. As the only imported trash can brand in China, the company has achieved international advanced level according to Germany's first-line production process in product design and production.

Want to see more products? Just come and join our CeramBath Networking Night on October 19th, to see trends of mainstream market demand and meet excellent elites to expand your circles. Come on!

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