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The 30th CeramBath Product Highlight Review

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Highlight 1: Multi-specification

The tile specification has became the burning issue in recent sessions, especially for the big size. In the 30th CeramBath, more and more enterprises have launched big size tiles like 1200*2400mm, 3200*1600mm, and specification of 1600*3200mm from ASA Tiles is already in mass production. Different from the 29th CeramBath, a number of infrequent specification like 450*900mm, 900*150mm are exhibited in the fair. It is said that those sizes are customized to public decoration.



Highlight 2: Warm Color

Nowadays, minimalism is enjoying great popularity. You must be surprised for the hue of black, white and grey, which can be found everywhere. In the 30th CeramBath, people finds more cream-colored, which seems like perfect match when collocating with above color.



Highlight 3: Stereo

Stereoscopic tiles are extremely eye-catching both in the 29th and 30th CeramBath. Concave-convex texture with strong visual impact makes you impulsive of touching it.



Highlight 4: Soft Light

Although soft light tiles are very common nowadays, the large scale display in the 30th CeramBath made us ponder, will soft light tiles come into vogue again?



Highlight 5: Modern Rustic Style

Simple and fashionable modern rustic tiles meet with great favor, which are widespread in this session.



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