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30th CeramBath--Voice From Foreign Buyers, Part Ⅰ

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The 30th CeramBath came to a successful conclusion, let's see how our overseas visitors think about our exhibition!

April Judith/ Philippine / Wholesaler


I have been to CeramBath for four times, and I think that this year the exhibitors have updated their product catalogue, showing a wider variety of products available to choose from, with a lot of them having more designs that keep up with the modern trends. Also, since now I am a VIP gold member, I can save time by not having to wait in line for the registration and directly enter to see the exhibition. The wide variety of tiles available in CeramBath provides us with a lot of options to meet our needs. I will be coming again to the fair next session with my colleagues, and I hope that there will be even more products to choose from. 

Connor Anagnostakis/Australia/Retailer

I have visited CeramBath for a few years already and every time, I got a very positive experience while attending this fair: the staffs were all kind and caring, the setup is good, and the fair provides a great variety of products and respective suppliers. I am very satisfied to the current suppliers and looking forward to the future suppliers.Overall, I am very satisfied with CeramBath as it has always been improving itself throughout the years. I am looking forward to the next fair in April and hope that the internet services could be better by then.

Naveed Rashid/UK/Trading Company

This is my first time to participate in this fair, and I'm very excited. Volunteers introduced that today is the third day of CeramBath, so the registration is very smooth and the mood is very pleasant. They introduced me the layout plan and products distribution area of China Ceramics City , which saves me a lot of time. I believe that soon I can find the products I want and hope this fair a success.



I have been to CeramBath for more than 6 times. My company uses products such as porcelain tiles and sanitary wares, so I think exhibitions like CeramBath are very good and helpful for foreign traders because everything is combined here in one place, making it easy for us to choose and select the products that we need. I like coming to CeramBath because I also get benefits from the suppliers here, even if I did not do business with some of them during my visit. In general it’s a good idea to see the products available in the fair and to better understand the changing trends in the market. I will come to visit China and come to the CeramBath again next year. 

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