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The 2nd Pan Home Furnishing Industry Development & Cooperation on the B&R Forum Rounded off

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On the afternoon of October 19th, around 400 people, including leaders from China and ASEAN building material association, local government, pan home furnishing industry association, as well as enterprise representatives and media, gathered at China Ceramics Industry Headquarters and together discussed topics like how to deep plough ASEAN market, explore B&R market and analyse the opportunity and challenges of Foshan pan home furnishing industry under the B&R policy.

It’s known that this was the second session of the forum series, hosted by Foshan Bureau of Commerce and organized by Foshan China Ceramics City Group Co., Ltd., with the aim to build cooperative and communicative bridge between countries on B&R and Foshan.

Leaders from host and organizer made speeches to begin the forum. Guest speakers included Mr. Qin Zhanxue (Executive Vice President and Secretary General of China Building Materials Circulation Association), Mr. Chen Jindun (Vice President of Thai-Chinese Commerce Association), Mr. Huang Shirong (President of Singapore Building Materials Suppliers' Association), Ms. Chen Di (Lawyer from Guangdong Zekang Law Firm), and Mr. Mao Guozhong (Executive Vice Secretary General of Foshan Ceramics Industry Association), respectively sharing topics including “New Trend of Pan Home Furnishing Industry along B&R Countries and Policy Interpretation”, “How Can Chinese Enterprises Deep Plough Overseas Chinese Market in Thailand”, “How Can Chinese Enterprises Deep Plough Overseas Chinese Market in Singapore”, “The Legal Risk and Instruction for Chinese Enterprises to Invest in B&R Markets”and “The Innovation Road of International Building Ceramic &.

The forum ended with wonderful dialogues, hosted by Mr. Chen Jie, Executive Vice President(China-ASEAN) of Hongkong Indoor Designer Association. Guest speakers in this part included leaders from domestic and ASEAN building material associations, as well as leading figures in domestic pan home furnishing industry. With the theme “International Cooperation under New Circumstances”, the dialogue pushed the forum to a new high. 

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