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CeramBath Global Buyers’Favorite Product Award Winners

Part Ⅰ

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The 30th CeramBath Global Buyers’ Favorite Product Award Ceremony dropped the curtain on the 19th Oct. 2017. Now let’s see what kind of products are the most popular through the buyers’ eyes.

Gold Award Winner - Innoci

Product Series: Bogen

Product Feature: Large capacity vanity, easy to store up and intense design feature, are perfect to meet consumer’s high-end demand.

Silver Award Winner - Suregres

Product Series: Seine River

Product Feature: This product pattern looks like Seine River, presenting its graceful and peaceful image of running stream to the ocean.

Silver Award Winner - Selma 

Product Series: Milano Stone

Product Feature: Milan is the most developed city in Europe and the four largest economic center. Milano stone, like this city, has more influence and a different art of ceramic design.

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