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CeramBath Global Buyers’Favorite Product Award Winners

Part Ⅱ

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Bronze Award Winner - Suregres 

Product Series: Gaudi

The design of this series is inspired from the Spanish architectural master Antoni Gaudi architectural style. Gaudi's demand for curve is the ultimate . In his design almost no right angle could be seen, cos he thinks line is man-made,only the curve is from nature.

Bronze Award Winner - Liangjian 

Product Series: Black Gold Flower

Product Feature: The black marble pattern displays the luxury feeling into the interior space. With the gold lines, this tile is perfect choice for high-end design.

Bronze Award Winner - Liangjian 

Product Series: Exerion

Product Feature: Brown gold color enables the design become vivid. Its pattern of marble stone with different surfaces allows the tile perform to the best in the right place.

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