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From 2017 CeramBath Big Data, See 2018 Ceramic Industry Trend

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Regarded as the most large-scale and influential ceramic and bathroom exhibition in China, The biannual China International Ceramic & Bathroom Fair, Foshan (CeramBath) rounded off successfully in 2017.

2017 DATA

Exhibitor Data

Exhibitors from CeramBath have covered the world’s major producing countries as well as domestic major production area of ceramic and bathroom.

International Exhibitors

International Exhibitors are mainly from America, German, Italy, Spain, Japan, Mexico, Malaysia, Brazil, Swiss, UAE and so on.

Domestic Exhibitors

Domestic exhibitors covers 22 provinces and cities from Foshan, Zhaoqing, Guangzhou, Zibo, Jinan, Fujian Province, Hebei Province, Zhejiang Province, Sichuan Province, Jiangsu Province, Guangxi Province, etc.

 Exhibit Data

Seen from the two sessions in 2017, large-size ceramic tiles sprung up one after another. Especially during the 30th session, more enterprises joined the production team, introducing the sizes like 1200 × 2400mm and 3200 × 1600mm. At the same time, sizes specially designed for public decoration such as 450 × 900mm, 900 × 150mm and other less common specifications also appeared while words like modern rustic tile, stereoscopic, silk effect grasped more popularity.

 Buyer Data

General Information

The 29th and 30th CeramBath, which were respectively held on Apr. 18-21 & Oct. 18-21, 2017, successfully attracted 54,397 and 60,930 visitors, with the further 12% growth. The number of oversea visitors in the 30th CeramBath occupied 9.7% of the overall visitors number.

Comparison of CeramBath Visitors In Recent 3 Years

Oversea Buyers

Both the 29th and 30th CeramBath received thousands of visitors from 134 different countries and districts.

2017 CeramBath Oversea Buyers Continental Layout

Korea ranked the 1st place and accounted for 14% in the overall visitors number, India 11%, Pakistan 7%. In general, oversea visitors are mainly from Southeast Asian, American and European countries and districts.

2017 CeramBath Oversea Visitors from Top 10 Countries/Districts

2018 TREND

Exhibitor Trend

Exhibitors from CeramBath have covered the major producing countries as well as domestic major production area of ceramic and bathroom. CeramBath has constructed a bridge for international exhibitors accessing to Chinese market and its role is becoming more significant and obvious.


Exhibit Trend

In 2017, modern rustic tiles and the products of large-size category are more hot-spotted and have entered the mainstream and their market share will be further enhanced.

Traditional products such as polished tiles, micro-crystal tiles and glazed tiles are still the major profitable products on the market and will still occupy a relatively high market share for a long period of time.


Buyer Trend

Buyers from the emerging markets like Southeast Asia and East Europe increased while many buyers from USA also choose CeramBath as the platform to purchase their target products.

‚Chinese ceramic exporting volume dropped due to the decrease of low-end products exports. Therefore, middle and high-end products will attract more attention in the future, and these market share will improve too.

ƒVisitors from decoration and real estate companies increased steadily and will become the main sale targets for the ceramic and sanitaryware companies to expand their markets. 

The 31st China International Ceramic & Bathroom Fair, Foshan

Date: Apr. 18-21, 2018 (32nd CeramBath: Oct.18-21, 2018)

Exhibitors: Around 750

Exhibits: Ceramic Tile, Sanitary Ware, Baths, Mosaic

Exhibition Area: 370000

Venues: China Ceramics City, China Ceramics Industry Headquarters, Foshan International Conference & Exhibition Center

Organizer: Foshan China Ceramics City Group Co., Ltd.

Guides: People’s Government of Foshan City

Hosts: China Building Ceramics & Sanitaryware Association, China Ceramics Industrial Association

Supports: China Building Materials Circulation Association, Foshan Bureau of Commerce




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