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[Part One] First-hand Updates of Ceramic &Bathroom Brands in China Ceramics City

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With 2017 dropping the curtain, you may be curious about what kind of ceramic trend and design sprung up in China ceramic and bathroom industry? China Ceramics City has prepared the first-hand updates of some brands in China Ceramics City to help you know more about it. Let’s take a look! 

SSWW: Standing for Splendid Sanitary Ware World

As one of the largest integrated sanitary ware manufacturers in China, SSWW dedicated to providing integrated bathroom solutions to create comfortable life for customers.

Social Honor: Recently, SSWW won award as “Da Yan Award of China’s Home Furnishing Industry in 2017 ”and “VIP Cooperative Brand of Easy Home in 2018” in the fifth Annual Award of China’s Home Furnishing Industry on January, 2018. As “Oscar of Home Furnishing”, it is the highest profile award of home furnishing to encourage enterprises who are fearless and dare to challenge 

Daugres: Bring Italy High Qualified Ceramic Tiles To China

Production-Marketing Integration: Daugres drew out new blueprint of Production-Marketing Integration aiming at upgrading product development, channel promotion, brand image and service system in Thailand.

EXTENDED HOME: Innovation, design, service and customization are not only the core of Extended Home, but also the soul of the whole solution of home furnishing. Daugres spares no effort to provide customers with high-end products as well as a whole solution of home furnishing in all directions.

Social Honor: In 2017, Douglas won the “Annual Award for LEADING Ceramic Enterprise in China’s Home Furnishing in 2017”, “Credibility Brand of China’s Home Furnishing in 2017” and etc.

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