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[Part Two] First-hand Updates of Ceramic &Bathroom Brands in China Ceramics City

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With 2018 approaching, China Ceramics City has prepared the first-hand updates of some brands in China Ceramics City to help you know more about it. Let’s take a look! 

Innoci: Stylish Bathrooms Create Lifestyle and Habit

  Ceramic Bathroom Integration Sparkled In CKIB—Ceramic Bathroom Integration from Innoci appeared on Living Kitchen China in 2017 and drew public attention. Innoci is dedicated to supplying full-line sanitary wares and one-stop whole solution of bathroom service for customers.

Escort Autonomous Design and Innovation: Innoci won National Certificate of Patent by virtue of its strong innovation and market sensitivity. The manual cutting faucet with clean-cut embodies a strong sense of sculpture, adding delicate vision to your space.  

MATI Ceramics: When the Italian “LEOPARD” Met China’s “MA”

Chinese City Card Design Activity—Cooperating with Roberto Cavalli Tiles from Italy, MATI aimed at encouraging innovative design and improving human living environment by joining city card activity. It has been highly regarded among industry since 2017.

Popular Product: Affected by Roberto Cavalli Tiles from Italy , the Falabella Series utilizing advanced 12-channel inkjet technology and dry grain surface glaze process to endow the ceramic tile delicate and noble effect. 

China Ceramics City dedicates to providing high-qualified and reliable brands from home and abroad to all customers. Ranging from ceramic floor & wall tiles, sanitary ware, baths, taps and fittings to mosaic, customers are welcomed to purchase what they want. 

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