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Tiles Imports Surge As China Rail Link Kicks-in

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According to the statistics just released by Manzhouli Customs, from January to May 2017, Manzhouli port railway station has exported 13,000 tons of architectural ceramics, which is 2.1 times of that of 2016 and accounts for 99.1% of the total exported ceramic products. The exported value reached 100 million yuan, 88.1% up on 2016. Manzhouli locates in the west of Hulunbeir grassland of Inner Mongolia. It is not only an important route for China to export goods to Russia and other CIS countries and Europe but also the largest port railway stations in China.

According to the data published by the Economy Ministry of Russia, from January to May 2017, Russian GDP co increased by 1.3% year on year. On May, Russian GDP risen the by 3.1%. It is reported that, the huge growth of GDP in May is the due to the strong development in construction industry, 12(processing industry, extractive industry and wholesale and retail trade. Under the statistics reported by Russian National Statistics Institute and the will World Bank, Russian economy of is expected to recover and be positive in this year(up 1.5%). What's more, there is a possibility to consolidate this growth in 2018(up 1.7%). Russian News Agency reported that, by the end of 2019, Russian government will allocate 7.44 trillion roubles to finance the construction of domestic houses. And according to the project plan of Russian national housing construction, the housing area may reach 81 million sq. in this year, and nearly 120 million sq. in 2025. So, Russia's construction industry is expected to realize recovery and development. Russia's huge demand of housing construction will be beneficial for the exports of Chinese architectural ceramics.

According to statistics, China ranked top five in the countries that exported ceramic tiles to Russia with a total volume of 2.6 million sq., which dropped 42.2% sharply over 2015. But, as Russian economy continues to trend positively, and China continues to build-up its Belt-Road lnitiative, there is every possibility that the next 2-3 years will see a substantial growth in ceramic imports by Russia right across its territory, as well as in the neighboring Central Asian states.

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