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Shakeel’s One Day in CeramBath, Foshan

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Shakeel, a trader from USA, is finding polished tiles, cement tiles and bathroom accessories around the world. One day, he was discussing the ceramic market trend nowadays with his friend, Ella. Ella mentioned that she received the latest market data of China from the CeramBath, Asia No.1 ceramic & bathroom show. Shakeel showed great interest in this fair and planned to pay a visit with Ella on the following session (the 31st CeramBath, April 18th to 21st ).


Step 1: Information Searching

Shakeel searched the official website of CeramBath( ) and found that the 31st CeramBath will be held during April 18th -21st. He pre-registered his ticket in one minute and received his E-ticket via email.

Step 2: Plan Making

As a seasoned businessman, Shakeel begun to make his business trip to CeramBath, here was his schedule and notes of this trip:


Arrive at Guangzhou on April 18th, log in Guangzhou Hotel

April 19th 8:30: Take shuttle bus to CeramBath

9:30: Arrive at CCC and leave luggage

9:30-12:20: Visit the fair with Ella

12:20-12:30: Get cash bonus at Buyer Lounge with Ella

(Invite and Get Cash Program; Passport needed)

12:30-14:40: Join International Trade Mission

(Networking Party, Buffet, Market Data, Product Show, Sourcing Matching Meeting)

14:40-17:30 Visit suppliers’ booths and showrooms

18:00 Return back to hotel and log in

Hotel Booking

30 partner hotels in Guangzhou and Foshan, all-star and all styles are included.

Fair Guide and Pre-registration are available at hotel lobby.

Get discount---0757 82525961/ 0757 82525965

Shuttle Bus

Time: April 18th to 21st


1.Between Venues and Hotels in Foshan:

Partner hotels China Ceramics City / China Ceramics Industry Headquarters

2. Foshan ⇋ Guangzhou:

Canton Fair/ Guangzhou Hotel/ China Hotel CeramBath (China Ceramics City)

    3.Among Three Venues:

China Ceramics City ⇋ China Ceramics Industry Headquarters ⇋ Foshan International Conference & Exhibition Center

Price: Free


Luggage Deposit

Time: 9:00-17:30 (Luggage should be claimed before 17:30)

Site: China Ceramics City East Gate & North Gate Service Center

Price: Free


Buyer Lounge

Time: April 18th to 21st

Site: China Ceramics City

Benefits: Free food and beverage



1.       Invite & Get Cash


2.       International Trade Mission (Good way to find suitable suppliers)

Time: April 19th 12:30-14:40

Site: East Gate Plaza at China Ceramics City Venue

How to join: Send E-mail to for reservation.


  • VIP reception & Free buffet;
  • Lowest price & best quality guaranteed by CeramBath organizer;
  • Professional Sourcing Consulting with 30 suppliers in Foshan;
  • First hand 2017 Chinese Market Data & Export Product Show & Band Performance;
  • 200RMB transportation allowance;
  • Booklet with latest contact information of Export Department from Foshan ceramic & bathroom companies in China.


Shakeel called his friend Ella and told her his schedule. They booked the flight to Guangzhou and Shakeel was looking forward to his trip and visit to CeramBath. He also felt confident in meeting more new suppliers and finding his needed products in the 31st CeramBath. 

Let’s register to attend CeramBath for free at




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