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The 31st China International Ceramic & Bathroom Fair, Foshan Show Report

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Visitor Information

During April 18-21, visitors of 31st CeramBath has accumulated to 183,206. 88% of them are buyers from Chinese mainland and 12% are oversea buyers (buyers from Hongkong, Taiwan and Macaw are included), covering 162 regions and countries. Among them, there are 3722 VIP buyers (domestic and foreign buyers holding black cards--- who have visited CeramBath for over 5 times).


Domestic Buyers Distribution

In this exhibition, the distribution agents are still the largest buyer group, accounting for 58%, and the public decoration and designer groups have increased by 20% from the 30th session, with percentage of 22%, while trading companies and the real estate projects respectively occupied 9% and 2%. According to the regional distribution, the top 5 provinces are Guangdong, Fujian, Hunan, Shandong, and Zhejiang, with more than 75% of the buyers pre-registering for electronic tickets online.

The 31st CeramBath Buyers Distribution of Mainland China

Oversea Buyers Distribution


During 31st CeramBath, buyers from 162 regions and countries paid a visit to the fair, among whom 72% are Asian buyers, 9% are from Europe. Buyers from Africa, North America, Oceania and South America follow closely after the two regions. 

The 31st CeramBath Oversea Buyers Distribution

Big Data of All Media

Reported by up to 135 domestic and foreign media, the total exposure of the 31st CeramBath exceeded 3.5 million times. Meanwhile, the organizing committee of CeramBath united Foshan Daily, Sina JIAJU, Tencent JIAJU, TOUTIAO.COM, FANG.COM, Ceramics &Bath Commercial Monthly, BMLINK.COM, IBATHKITCHEN.COM and Sihuoju to broadcast on live the key activities, on-site services and latest products, with more than 1 million live readings.


Official Voices

Mr. Fu Weijie, Executive Vice President of China Ceramic Industrial Association

CeramBath is a platform to showcase products and technologies to the world. It is also a great stage for competition and idea exchange among domestic and foreign brands and a great opportunity for enterprises to open up markets. We sincerely hope that exhibitors will be able to make full use of the platform of CeramBath to innovate and develop. It’s CeramBath’s obligation to lead ceramic and bathroom industry to break through multiple pressures and achieve innovative development.


Mr. Zhou Jun, Executive Director and President of Foshan China Ceramics City Group Co., Ltd.

During these 31 sessions, we have always been consistent with world-class exhibition and made it our mission to create value and establish international platform for ceramics industry. This session, the organizing committee has made great effort in internationalization, attracting mainstream brands, setting up featured booths & events, and organizing oversea buyers.


Mr. Cao Hongbin, Deputy District Head & Standing Member of District Committee of People’s Government of Chancheng District

CeramBath has gotten the nod from Chinese and international ceramic manufacturers and professional buyers. It’s hoped that CeramBath, this important window, will continue to work towards the goal of world-class exhibition with professional experience, international vision and global layout.


Mr. Zhang Xiang, Deputy Director-General of Circulation Industry Development Department of Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China

CeramBath has made great contributions on stimulating production and consumption, boosting innovation and expanding markets. In order to achieve a sound development, the industry should insist on “innovation, coordination, green, open, and sharing”, adapt to the new normal of economy and advance the reform of quality and efficiency.

Ms. Connie Yu, Executive Vice-president & General Manager of Commercial Operation Center of Foshan China Ceramics City Group Co., Ltd. 

As an international platform, Foshan China Ceramics City Group is establishing distributor operation system, which is similar with Luoji Lab’s I get and Spiritual Wealth Club, holding the goal of creating ceramic business school to spread timely news and ideas online for distributors. We hope that in the future, any enterprise who wants to visit or join in CeramBath and any company who wants to know about purchasing information can ask help from the organizing committee of CeramBath and enjoy VIP services.

Ms. Tang Jieming, Operational General Manager of China Ceramics Industry Headquarters

To establish a more professional platform for ceramic companies, engineering procurement, distributors in need, and build bridges between the ceramic industry and the design community, the International Boutique & Soft Decoration Design Hall emerges in response to people’s demands. Meanwhile, CCIH has formally taken over the special zone project from February 2018. In the future, the headquarters will aim to create a complex of housing, office buildings and recreation facilities, whose future is promising!

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