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Extraordinary Series of Rustic Tile

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Nowadays, the main consumption base are the post-80s and post-90s who pursue fashion, simplicity and personalization, thus rustic tile with the characteristics and style of diversification and variability wins the attention among those young consumers. Modern rustic tile grasps most attention from major medias, manufacturers and dealers.

Brand Name: Extras

Booth No.: China Ceramics City temporary booth 2F05-06

Name: Sandstone series·MEDOC

Model: YSMG126013C

Size: 600x1200mm

Detail: MEDOC is popular among consumers by using the upstage wrapped red ink to reveal the entirely pure grey tone with top fashion and precise color control which make the product have broader room to develop. It can apply in Modern & Minimalism, Chinese Zen style and European classic style, matched with wood furniture, delicate plants and soft fabrics, making the whole space filled with relaxation and charm.

Name: Cement series·TERRAZZO

Model: SNG60052B

Size: 600x600mm

Detail: TERRAZZO adopts Spanish advanced mobile digital spray glazing technology to achieve the synchronous combining uses of functional glaze, metal dry granular and transparent powder. This enables the products to present quality refraction in angles with rich sense of layering and 3 dimension in pattern. The designers integrate their creative concepts into the space, which corresponds with the small dots in the cement brick and hollowed-out dots on the surface.

Brand name: Garcia

Booth No.: China Ceramics City indoors temporary booth 2F09

Name: Spanish Snow Stone

Model: 1CM1263048

Size: 594.4x1192mm

Detail: The concept of Snow Stone derives from Spanish rare marble stone whose surface is smooth as skin with pure texture- naturalness and smartness. Its distinct texture and winding line is not only as firm as the mountain, but also as tender as fog. Applying advanced technology, Snow Stone perfectly shows its line and colors with majestic style. 

Name: Crayo  Space

Model: 1-27524PY 

Size: 250*750mm

Detail: The concept of Vanyar impression series stems from pretty elf. The designers reshape the grace and beauty into simple but elegant color. By using the texture of natural stone, it highlights the elegance and unique of the room, endowing modern style with comfortable dwelling feature.

Brand name: Kola tile

Booth No.: China Ceramics City outdoor temporary booth A District A24

Name: Gold coast

Model: KWA612C23G

Size: 600x1200mm

Detail: The design inspiration of Kola Gold Coast rustic tile originates from a famous beach in the golden coast –Bondi Beach, which is regarded as the queen of beach in Australia. The sense of time and tide, the lingering charm of water drop and the natural landscape give the beauty of nature to the Golden Coast. The water mark in the tile surface is in the grey tone, and exquisite but pure, simple but fashionable. The smooth texture embeds unique cultural deposits and connotation through the crash, selection and integration of the element of sea.

Brand name: Defenya

Booth No.: China Ceramics Industry Headquarters temporary booth 21


Name: Bulgarian grey (light)

Model: DBS801005

Size: 800x800mm

Detail: Modern style strives for causality and enjoyment. In indoor decoration, it would neither  present over-exaggeration and deliberate pursuit, nor being particular about technique or focus on eye-catching. It is decorous but warm and sweet, relax but not over–casual, which focuses on the harmony of spirit and body, pays great attention on attitudes and quality towards life and moves on with heart.

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