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This June, Bathroom Brands from CCC Landing Shanghai to Showing Greatest Strengths

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In recent years, with the rise of foreign sanitary brands and the new forces of intelligent sanitary ware, the development of bathroom industry frequently encounters bottlenecks and domestic brands in order to capture market are under fierce competition that a strong smell of gunpowder has permeated over bathroom industry. Product homogenization in design concept or using function are increasingly severer resulting in less product competitive. Therefore, seeking a competitive sustainable path becomes the unavoidable issue which most brands exploring for. The so-called product competitiveness is usually based on good quality, and the market will never say no to good product. So what are worth a closer look in China International Kitchen and Bathroom Expo 2018(CIKB 2018)?

Intelligent Sanitary

Recently, intelligent sanitary refuses to settle for the convention and  develops rapidly. With the improvement of people’s living standard and the change of lifestyle, intelligent sanitary is back to the market. Last year, Premier Li Keqiang delivered the annual government work report at the meeting of the fifth plenary session of the 12th National People's Congress that “ the main task of 2017 is to transform and upgrade traditional industry and give high priority to develop intelligent manufacturing.”As one part of the intelligent manufacturing industry, Intelligent sanitary may usher great deep development. It is believed that intelligent sanitaryware will be still strong product in the fair. Which fantastic products will be shown, it will remains to be seen!

Environmental Protection & Production-limiting

At the beginning of the year, the government has taken up measures of protection in the ceramic industry in the area of Gaoyi Hebei, Zhaoqing and Qingyuan Guangdong etc. In this situation, everyone in the sector felt in danger again which also alarmed us that sacrificing the environment to bring the economic growth didn’t coincide with the sustainable development strategy of the environmental protection anymore. The forcing mechanisms is brought forward to force industry restructuring and upgrading and strengthen comprehensive competitiveness, creativity and innovation power of the ceramic companies, rather than only win by quantity. It is believed that after this round of shuffling, more and more high-quality products would be produced and launched.


Custom-made furnishings is of great popularity while customized products is not more curious. As an important part of customized household, whole customized sanitary become significant choice of mass customers. People tend to customize products which are consistent with household interior layout and design it based on the product function with unique feature. This year, customized products will be also indispensable exhibits.

In CIKB 2018 (June 5th - 8th ), Foshan China Ceramics City Group will move on again and lead brands to exhibit. Exhibitors of 23rd CIKB from China Ceramics City are David Locke, Tenne, Daugres, CME, Lens, Ideal, BIB, IMEX, VOGO, S.Mall , Innoci, Huayi, Caizhou, SSWW, JBLY, CAE, Ofund, Doublux, Purefine, WNS, Tepe, Fadore Space, Bogenini, TOTO, Grohe, Kohler and etc.

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