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VOGO, BJB & BOGENINI from CCC will be on show in CIKB 2018

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Product 1: unique without-tank square design embedded with sliver edge which has simple but elegant outline with modest luxury of metropolis new nobles. Buttocks cleaning system equipped with 5-level adjustment of water temperature and hydraulic pressure gives ultimate experience to user.It contains aerobic bubble molecule which make the using process healthier and the function of water massage can make you relax from whole-day fatigue.

Product 2: without-tank design which is simple and delicate and occupies little space making the whole bathroom more concise and generous. It directly uses tap water to avoid the hazard of limescale in tank, which make the whole using process greener and healthier. The installment of Bluetooth makes it can be controlled by phone APP and get rid of the limitation of remote control and has unique experience.


Product 1: equipped with body fat and heart rate monitor which data can be uploaded and checked through phone APP.  "One-button Call" function also installed.

Product 2: Ultra-thin design maximized the sense of space; one key rotary knob make operation process convenient and  the technology of super light shield and net light shield achieve the effect of clean air and water.

Product 3: appearance design of streamline curve make it look natural and smooth. The unique technology of foam shield which is splash-proof and anti-sticking solves the problem of lavatory. 


Product 1

Product name: bathroom cabinet

Product model:E002Q

Product size800*600*840

Product introduction: simple line with Chinese styles and generous integral shape, which is practical with modest elegance.

Product 2:

Product name: bathroom cabinet

Product model:E001A

Product size1250*600*870

Product introduction: simple appearance shows modesty; slap-up material reflects simple but not sim

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