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Take a broad view of bathroom products from China Ceramics City in CIKB 2018!

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David Locke

Product 1

Product name: bathroom cabinet in modern luxurious style

Product model: DL5731

Product size:

Main cabinet:1500x520x860mm

Bath mirror:550x800x150mm(2 pieces)

Side Cabinet:300x270x150mm(2 pieces)

Design concept:

Leading you into the black & white world immersing in the advanced grey fantasy. Grey is the coordinator in the black & white world; Grey determines the day and night of the world; Grey changes the faces of emotions and desires. Gentle, calmness, steady, harmonious and unitive.

Product 2:

Product name: bathroom cabinet in modern Chinese style

Product model:DL5662

Product size:

Main cabinet:1200x600x860mm

Bath mirror:1000x900x30mm

Design concept:

Leading you into ancient East and exposing to the influence of wisdom. The Great Wall bears the weight of craftsman spirits from thousand years; the forbidden city takes down the mysterious emperor manner; amazing song from thousand years singing along with the long history of the river.


Product 1:

Forging based on round element harmoniously integrated with the appearance of taps. Combined with the beauty of symmetry, round bottom and scale-out cylinder outlet, matching with corresponding handle, mould into faucet with personality.

Product 2:

Crafted detail permeates rich modern sense. The design abandons the over complicated decoration and applying hidden bubbler. Smooth and tidy, the shape of diamond integrated with soft margin protect user from touching in angles. Slim and delicate handler with comfortable feel gives user with unique enjoyment in vision and touch sense.gentle water running filling with air brings easeful relax with vitality.


Product 1

Product name: Roman holiday·Hepburn series

Product model:

Product size:

Design concept:  

This series has personality vitality and stable atmosphere of the age elite showing the unique charming that its amazing  reflects not only in its beauty, but also its  strong Florence ambience of literature and art and classy, modern elegance of Milan emitting from bones.

Product 2

Product name: shadow series

Product model:BY1832

Product size:

Design concept:  

This series is title of sun and moon, expressing steady and vigorous of the age elite. It combines modern aesthetics and original crafts to collide individuality and personality of the era.


Product 1

Product name: intelligent toilet

Product model:Z186

Product size:770x590x420mm

Design concept:

Product introduction: applying ultrastrong eddy energy system dispensed with the support of electrical machinery achieves minimized of the sound of flushing which is a true-sense quiet smart toilet. The combination of the sense of technology and intimacy coordinating with IQ and EQ make lavatory enjoyable. 

Product 2

Product name: relaxing bathtub

Product model: YG716

Product size: 1700x800x580mm

Design concept:

Product introduction:

According with the line of human curvature, white texture and simple design, when you are laying in the bathtub, every inch of your skin can have fully stimulationa and relaxation to achieve best effect of bathing.

With the popularity of the concept of environmental protection and humanity , sanitary sector gradually develops and innovates towards humanization and more brands bring good product to us. We believe that regardless of how the market changes, whatever the mass environment is looked down, the broad market still belongs to who has strengths and concentrates to make better products. 

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