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Indonesia: KPPI to Probe Tile Import Status

Time:2018.06.20  Views:

The Indonesian Trade Security Committee (KPPI) is investigating the influx of imported ceramic tiles, particularly from China, that has seriously affected the local industry.

KPPI head Mardjoko said the investigation was opened in response to a request from the Indonesian Ceramic Tiles Industry Association (ASAKI) which complained on behalf of domestic ceramic tiles producers about unusual influx of imported products in recent years.

“From the initial evidence provided in the request submitted on Mar. 26, the KPPI has observed an influx in ceramic tiles imports. We have also seen indications that the local industry has suffered serious losses,” Mardjoko said in Jakarta in a statement on Wednesday.

He said the losses were indicated in the declining performance of the ceramic tiles industry from 2015 to 2017, with the stockpile of unsold products and the decline in production volume, sales and number of workers in the industry.

Based on the Central Statistics Agency's (BPS) data from 2015- to 2017, Indonesia imported 861,341 tons of ceramic tiles in 2015, 1,073,972 tons in 2016 (a 24.7 percent year-on-year increase) and 1,262,016 tons in 2017 (a 17.5 percent yoy increase).

Nearly all imported ceramic tiles came from China, at 96.03 percent in 2017. Other ceramic tile exporting countries include Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia.

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