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Leading The Vane Of Sanitaryware Industry, Appreciating Sanitary New Products Of 2018

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For ceramic and bathroom sector, there is no monotonous style of product and every year, the trend is changing that some kinds of product would be outstanding by hue, materials or design.   

The 23rd China International Kitchen and Bathroom Expo (CIKB 2018), held on 4th June, exhibitors, such as TOTO, Dongpeng, SSWW, Kohler, HEGII, JOMOO, Huayi, Huida, CAE, showed their products and charisma to the world. Meanwhile, there are new products that have attracted much attention in the industry springing up this year indicating that new fashion of bathroom products is prevailing over the industry. Those characteristic bathroom products pushed CIKB 2018 to reach the climax. Products like faucet, taps and fittings, toilet and bathtub are flourishing.

No matter the intelligent sanitaryware or the traditional bathroom products, they all keep improving to the maximum extent in the aspect of technology and design.

Looking through CIKB 2018, it is not difficult to find out that the whole bathroom has quietly entered the stage and intelligent bathroom continues to be popular and the bathroom industry is developing towards integration and intelligence.

Intelligent Sanitaryware Inducing Strongest Fashion

There is no doubt that intelligent bathroom is still the top priorities in the bathroom sector that almost every brand launches their intelligent products. From toilet to bathtub, from faucet to shower room, the figure of intelligence can be seen everywhere, while this year intelligent products pay more attention to appearance and humanized design that make product integrated with life and become a part of life but not just an appendix. Additionally, intelligent sanitaryware has got great support and development in the aspect of nation and market requirement speeding up the pace of sanitary intellectualization that it is predicted that intelligent bathroom would enter its rapid development period within 3-5 years.

Intelligent Toilet

Although intelligent toilet is no longer a novelty, it is not difficult to find out from the bulk of newly launched products that the design of intelligent toilet is developed from simple functionalization to higher intelligent direction and the application of the function of preheating, precooling, rinsing, voice-control and massaging showing the improvement of design in humanity idea.

Intelligent Bathtub

Enjoying spa is a relaxing lifestyle of modern man that people can release the exhaustion of the day and relax body and mind which make intelligent bathtub become more and more popular. In this session, the design of bathtub mostly applies simplified humanoid line to forge comfortable interspace that no matter is ordinary or intelligent bathtubs are eye-catching.

Shower Room

As an indispensable part of CIKB, shower room has kept a watchful eye that there is a great breakthrough in appearance design and applied technology materials. This year, the design of shower room tends to focus on the integrality of bathroom to make it more easily to match with bathtub, toilet, bathroom cabinet, basin and other bathroom products.


The newly released faucet product is quite eye-catching that the appearance design and color matching are utterly fascinating. From colorful dazzling to classical elegance, the design of taps is various. Are you still think they can only switch from hot to cold water? Do you want to know more information if it can provide boiled water which can be drunk directly? Indexes, like water pressure, water yield and the size of water drop, are the significant criteria to measure the design of tap. The following classical products from CIKB 2018 may worth your attention.


As a delicate basin can improve vision effect of the whole space, people pay more attention on the choice of basin. The newly launched basins are in different style with theme of simple, hue and environmental protection that they apply diversified elements to make product stereoscopic with emotional appeal.

Bathroom Cabinet

Compared with the former design of luxurious classical style, design of cabinet product has regressed to Petty Bourgeoisie. Pastoral style, modernism and simple style spray into our face which is more suitable to the aesthetic appreciation of the mass public. It is quite a good developing direction for the terminal market that bathroom cabinet not only becomes the exclusive of the middle and upper classes, but also can be applied to narrow or broad space which integrate simple design into the whole bathroom. Design simplification and functional intelligence is growing to be the developing trend of bathroom cabinet.

The Wake of The Customized Whole Bathroom

With the improvement of aesthetic appreciation and reinforcement of the sense of integration, whole bathroom has won preferences from market by forging the design in unifying style from the moment of production. Different styles of bathroom layout give inspiration and enlightenment to the market, while the integration of the customized whole bathroom also brings more choices and space to the market that it has become the future developing direction of the sector. It is noteworthy that launched by those top brands, the style of unit bathroom has been applied to overall furnishing in bathroom, kitchen and balcony, which can achieve home integration, diversify the mode of design and maximize the value of product.

In other words, design has occupied a dominant places in the whole bathroom for the reason that only design can coordinate decorative elements more rational. Additionally, the whole bathroom is a part of standard operation which can improve operational efficiency of the supply chain of decorative materials, reduce cost of procurement and logistic storage and satisfy consumers’ decorative requirements of one-stop shopping.

The bathroom industry, even the whole furniture and building material industry, will develop towards the mode of integral furnishing in the coming year. As we said before, the future is ready for who has prepared for the changes of the market and who can seize commercial opportunities and move forward.

The overall trend of bathroom products is developing towards the concept of green, environmental friendly and health and consumers tend to pay more attention to practical and humanized enjoyment of the products. Moreover, numerous amazing bathroom products appear in 23rd session of CIKB in succession while intelligent products and the traditional one are integrated with more or less innovations that they breakthrough from innovation and seek the balance between man and nature from the breakthrough as well. Those bathroom products become the mainstream of the industry which fully indicates that bathroom industry still remains at a relative active developing stage. Additionally, in recent years, foreign brands pushed aggressively into Chinese market. While Sino-western cultural intercommunication promotes bathroom products to be more international. The industry has upgraded via competition bursting out batches of sanitaryware products integrated with innovation, creation, intelligent manufacture and aesthetics. With the development of the sector, the bathroom products will be more diversified and elaborate, while the industry will upgrade to a higher level.

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