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The Ceramic Industries of Morbi Have Lifted Highways by Doubling Exports in the Same Year

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Ceramic businessmen of Morbi, who played the role of stingers around the world, exported more than double in the last one year. And in the coming days, with the investment of Rs 1500 crores, new wind tiles units are being started, the ceramic industrys progress will not be exaggerated as the progress of the cinema is doubled, because the ceramic industries of Morbi have lifted highways by doubling exports in the same year.

Currently there is a demand of wall tiles, floor tiles and sanitary ware products all over the world. In spite of direct competition with China, in 2016-17, after export of 6200 crores foreign export, in the year 2017-18, Morbi industrialists have exported more than 1,000,000 ceramic products to the country by making foreign acquisition earnings, Morbi has more than 640 units of wall tiles and floor tiles. More than 100 units are operating in Sanitary Waste producers, in which more than 50 units in Morbi will be operational with an investment of Rs.1500 crore in the next 10 months and now the operations of new units have been found to be running with full of energy.

Morbis ceramic industry is earning overseas acquisitions in the world as well as selling its product in the global market including America, Australia, Gulf country, Italy, Spain. And Morbis ceramic industries have established a new record by double exporting in a single year, which will be inspiring for other industries too.

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