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Concentration Creates Marvelousness --- MARMOCER

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Marble has always been a long-lasting topic. From ancient times to the present, it has become a "frequent visitor" in the history of human architecture with its natural beauty. It has been developed for thousands of years. With the development of human economy and society, traditional marble has been unable to meet people's demand for higher-level decoration due to its shortcomings such as crack, stain, discoloration, detrition, and difficulty in handling. However, MARMOCER’s appearance brings unique marble products to the market, which not only overcome the shortcomings of traditional marble, but also combine the advantages of ceramic tiles.


MARMOCER was founded in 2004 and has been leading the industry in exploring the trend of top environmentally-friendly marble all along. From the user's point of view, it is committed to providing a suitable and intimate solution for marble applications in modern residential areas. The brand name MARMOCER is derived from Spanish, “MARMO” means “marble” , “CER” means “tile”, and the combination is a clever interpretation of the essence of MARMOCER a combination of natural marble and tile.

Perhaps many people still can't tell the difference among fine marble, traditional marble and marble tiles. The traditional marble is made entirely of pure natural marble, which is the most pure natural stone without any combination with other materials. The marble tile is essentially "brick", with similar texture of natural marble. On the other hand, the fine marble is reworked. The combination of stone and ceramic tile not only possesses the beauty of natural marble, but also eliminates many defects such as difficulty in installation, difficulty in management, scarcity of resources and physical properties. MARMOCER, as the original founder of this product, make the nature of the marble be guaranteed while the original defects of the natural stone be compensated for.

MARMOCER has a mature system for the production of fine marble, possessing the only one Italy top automatic production line in the world, with standardized and large-scale production of top-grade fine marble, hard and dense product carrier tiles and thin but close aviation epoxy resin adhesive surface. After five-face protection treatment, it has the unparalleled anti-pollution, wear-resistance and sound insulation, moisture-proof, heat-insulation and cold-proof properties against traditional marble. It is easy to manage, and can control the temperature difference, reduce electric energy and consumption of heat. At the same time, it also realizes some patterns and shapes that traditional marble can't have, and has more decorative effects and wider application range.


It is understood that the thickness of MARMOCER fine marble is about 1/2 of that of traditional marble, and the weight is 1/3~1/2 of traditional marble, which can save transportation costs. It is also convenient for construction and installation, enjoying more advantages especially when the buildings have load limits. It can be said that MARMOCER is undoubted in terms of product strength, and for design, it also pays enough attention.

A mature brand should make products practicably, pursue design aesthetics invariably, blend the design in the product skilfully, which can  better seize market opportunities. We can see from the 31st CeramBath that MARMOCER attached great importance to the design of the exhibition hall, followed its own standardization and guidelines, and presented various styles of material application through different space individually. The products design to give the user the aesthetic and product experience brought by different spaces with design collection, in thus further deepening people's understanding of life and the standardization of the display of marble application characteristics.


If the brand is defined as a star, then the product is his work, and the platform is all kinds of media. Sometimes a star effect can ignore the flaws in the work, sometimes a good work can make the star more shining, and the platform provides an opportunity to make more people to know you and like you. This is a subtle relationship among brand, product and platform.


Nowadays, in the face of increasingly competition, many companies have been caused to be at a loss for the overcapacity and the increasingly serious product homogenization problems. However, in MARMOCER’s view, as long as companies can use products to fight, use strength to challenge, adjust own business strategy, then they can always respond to the ever-changing market.

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