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MUSES: Not just Tile Manufacturer, But also Aesthetic Space Creator

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Rustic tile is a unique product, which is similar to the old style, attracting people's attention with classical charm. Its style, color and pattern add a sense of history in nostalgia. In recent years, some people believe that rustic tile is gradually declining, and they are bound to be eliminated by the market that pursues modernization and freshness. But MUSES tiles is based on rustic tile, step by step to build a building that leads the trend of aesthetic space design.

When it comes to MUSES, we can't help thinking of the ancient Greek goddess of Muse, who means inspiration and represents art. This highly-fledged brand was established in 2005. In the first decade, it focused on the high-end international market. Since 2015, it has turned its attention to domestic market. Nowadays, it has established hundreds of distributor stores nationwide. At the beginning of this year, its 3000sqm headquarters was completed at China Ceramics Industry Headquarters. As the foundation and core of the brand, MUSES will display its artistic charm and create a beautiful living space for those who love life.

MUSES focuses on tile technology, but the product it sells is actually a complete space. MUSES’s service starts from product design to construction process and to final product application. It does not provide ceramic tiles, but a living space composed of ceramic tiles. MUSES not only considers the sales problem, but also how the rustic tiles sold are paved, and whether they are harmonious and aesthetic with the overall space.

Today, the consumer groups in the home decoration market are still dominated by the older generation. Most of the young people still have no ability to buy a house. But in a few years, the younger ones will become the main consumers. The rustic tile is simple, advanced and personalized, which will definitely be loved. In recent years, the simple style and high-level sense have gradually become the trend. This is an aesthetic trend, and rustic tile is gradually catching sight of its golden age.

At present, most enterprises in the industry are in an impetuous manner. With the impact of Sino-US trade wars and national environmental protection policies, enterprises want to express themselves in adversity. Various strategies take turns, but MUSES chooses to slow down and maintain a constant speed to forward. The current situation is not good, which may be a tough period for the industry, but it is also a stage of reshuffling, and those left must be the successful enterprises with strength, market and value.

MUSES is still in the early stage of development and brand building. It needs to stand on a platform to show itself and dig deep the potential customer information. To MUSES, CeramBath is such a platform.

As the "Muse" of the ceramic tile, MUSES tiles represent high-end and beauty; as the "window of the world" of ceramic and sanitary ware industry, CeramBath represents professionalism and attitude. We expect MUSES to bring more surprises to the entire ceramic industry during the coming 32nd CeramBath.

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