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World Brand, China Stage——32nd CeramBath Sets Off Again

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With 16 years of winds and rains, CeramBath flourishes the industry and prospers the city. More than 2000 ceramic brands achieve interaction of new products, technology and ideas, while over 600,000 professional buyers from 162 countries and regions achieve business value here. CeramBath has become a significant ceramic trading platform and window by connecting China ceramics to the world.

A new journey has begun. Let's see how wonderful the 32nd CeramBath will be!

Highlight 1: [Innovation Channels, Exhibition Pilot] Projects’ Products Hall and the 1st Tile Project Sourcing Festival Grandly Launch!

The 32nd CeramBath cooperates with Yicai360 online platform to build “Projects’ Products Hall” at China Ceramics Industry Headquarters(CCIH) and hold the 1st Tile Project Sourcing Festival.

The 1st Tile Project Sourcing Festival will include Dongpeng, Mona Lisa QD Tile, New Pearl Summit Tile, Italian Marazzi, Eagle 2086, Hongyu Ceramics, Tuobo Ceramics, Sanfi, White Rabbit Ceramics, Italian Rebekah, Grifine ceramics, Spanish Roland, Cowin Marcer, Huiya Ceramics, Louis Modern, Dario, Laticrete and other first-line brands, showing products for projects at home and abroad. Meanwhile, 300+ brands from Yicai360 O2O online platform, CCIH and temporary exhibition area are integrated in Projects’ Products Hall. Italian ITACC Ceramics, ASA Tiles, Mexican ICC Ceramics, Jiajun Ceramics, HOPO and BODE also set up marketing centers here.

Highlight 2: [World Brand • China Stage] Preferred Platform for International Brands to Enter Chinese Market

Every session of CeramBath attracts plenty of international big names. As the main battlefield of the international top brands, China Ceramics City (CCC) venue attracts great attention. It is not only the important part of internationalization, but also leads trend of the whole exhibition.

In this session, some well-known brands from Italy such as Versace, Villa Medici, Gardenia, Slender, Tonino Lamborghini, Emil, Marazzi and brands from Spain like CK Tiles, Uscer and Borja will join us with their exquisite products like large-size slabs, rustic tiles, marble tiles, cement tiles etc., leading the new model of the market.


Highlight 3: [W Hall • Empowering Innovation] Build Industry Ecology Chain to Input Power to Brands

Exhibition area of Huaxia Venue has expanded to 2600 sqm with new outdoor W Hall, attracting more enterprises of background wall tile, border, mosaic, art tile, lamps, software, whole house customization, aluminum to participate in this big show. Integrating upstream and downstream enterprises of the industry, W Hall gathers auxiliary materials with equipment and products to develop multifaceted industrial ecological chain.

Highlight 4: [Products Lead the Trend] Establishing Powerful Expo

Products are the core of CeramBath. Each session of CeramBath is the hotspot to showcase various ceramic products. The traditionally popular products, like polished tile and full-polished glazed tile, the up-rising star products such as large-size slab and modern rustic tile, and all sorts of products make CeramBath lively and plentiful.


Large-size slab: From tile to slab, it is a product revolution of China ceramic industry which gives more possibilities to space decoration, especially to the sense of wholeness and unification.


Functional tile: anion tile, heating tile and photon tile which calls for house & home, green and environment-friendly will show off in this session, proving their indispensable status by its market performance.

Translucid tile VS Matt stone: New tile category “Translucid tile” and “Matt stone” , have you heard about it? In this session, Translucid tile represented by Slender and “Matt stone” by BROLA will strike a pose on the stage. Let’s  anticipate!


Mosaic: Mosaic has strong penetrating power and a unique paving effect and expressiveness, bringing irreplaceable beauty to home decoration. Mosaic brands will make their splendid performance in the 32nd CeramBath!

Highlight 5: [Shaping Cultural Soft Power] 16 Years of Storm and Rain, Coalesce the Spirit of Industry with Ceramic Culture

CeramBath is not only a grand event of ceramic products, but also an amazing banquet where ideas and culture amalgamate. Apart from nurturing the development of brands and industry, the fair also creates the merits of an era as well as the trajectory of social and human development in Foshan. The 32nd CeramBath will definitely offer you an integrative feast of products, ideas and culture.

Ceramic Town-- recording the historical track of Foshan ceramic industry, the development of CeramBath, showing the eco-industrial chain of the sector and building micro ecosphere of the industry.

Foshan Ceramic Art Week Theme Forum- studying on ceramic design, arts and creativity to give audience with innovation and surprise.

40-Year Reform and Opening: China Ceramics Industry Photography Show - a large-scale photographic exhibition showing the development of China ceramic industry between 1978-2018 and using photos to record every splendid moment of the sector.


Highlight 6: [Gather Hotspots and Ideas] Focus on Market Changes and Share Industry Future

CeramBath is never lack of various events! Based on the current trend, over 30 industrial events will be held, such as Design Marketing under New Circumstances--Assembled Decoration Design Forum, the 3rd Pan Home Furnishing Industry Development & Cooperation on the Belt and Road Forum, CeramBath Distributors Training Session & Ceramic Business Society New Product Release and etc. We hope that CeramBath is not only a trade fair, but also a high-end feast of ceramics that realizes the collision of information, technology and ideas!


Event Recommendation: International Trade Mission 2018·Autumn

Time: Oct. 19th 12:30-15:30

Site: East Gate Plaza at China Ceramics City Venue

Key Words: 40-50 excellent suppliers; Lowest price& best price; Precise sourcing matching.

Highlight 7: [Exhibition Service] Best Service to Cheer Expo on!

There are not only Projects’ Products Hall, Huaxia W Hall, Ceramic Culture Park, but also an upgraded service system to provide you with the best visit experience!

The organizing committee optimizes the process of registration system with self-service machines and more registration channels, upgrades network of the venues, sets up buyer lounge and provides free shuttle bus service, hotel booking, interpreting, luggage deposit and etc.


In the name of ceramics, we sincerely invite you to visit the 32nd CeramBath in this autumn. A fair which is so amazing that you will never want to miss! See you on Oct. 18-21!

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