CERAMIC·BATHROOM October 18-21, 2019



【Part One】An Insight Of Future: The 32nd Cerambath Leads New Trend Of Products

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Large-size Slab

The large-size slab products are still hot in this session and the main sizes are 1200*2400, 1200*2600, 900*1800, 1000*3000 and etc.. The size of 1600*3200 slab is still the demonstration of power, while 600*1200 slab has become regular display that many companies bring it out as standard configuration. In this session, large-size slab shows different characteristics of large size that the texture is mainly in stone vein, while black and white ash is the mass-tone attune.

Mable Tile

Mable tile is still popular in this session by showing neat and vivid texture of marble, which is natural with overall effect of amazingly grandeur.

Modern Rustic Tile

Modern rustic style becomes increasingly popular when the style of simplicity and modernity is well received by the market. Although black and white ash still remains the home court, normcore is not dominant in the market anymore. Moreover, the products with colour scheme of warm grey are preferably displayed, which has satisfied the flavor of new generation consumers.

Terrazzo Tile

This year, terrazzo tile is a favorable product. There are numerous terrazzo tile products with different characteristics on display, attracting mass audience’s attention. It can be predicted that terrazzo tile will become more popular in China domestic market with unique texture and distinctive sense of design.

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