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2018 Autumn International Trade Mission Ushered Final Curtains!

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At noon on October 19th,International Trade Mission 2018·Autumn was held grandly in the East Gate Plaza of China Ceramics City Venue! Buyers, distributors and business representatives from all over the world gathered together to enjoy performances and food, see latest export products and discuss business with each other.

The excellent performances of foreign band ”Memory Car” and powerful show of Chinese martial art - nunchakus brought abundant visual and auditory enjoyments to all guests. After the host's wonderful opening, Mr. Nazuki Bin Abdullah, Consul General from the Consulate General of Malaysia in Guangzhou, delivered a speech for this event. In his speech, Mr. Nazuki fully affirmed the positive role of this event and called for a global perspective. He also hoped that friends from all over the world can meet more friends in the relax atmosphere, and gain satisfying harvest.

Subsequently, representative from Foshan Ceramics Industry Association Import and Export Branch gave a speech onChina Ceramic Geography: China Ceramic Industry Data 2018, and showed the status and product trends of the Chinese ceramic industry. Through the sharing, international buyers got first-hand information and deepened their understanding of the Chinese market.

Foshan China Ceramics City Group, as the organizer of CeramBath, has spared no effort to build a service platform that connects buyers and suppliers, providing opportunities for exchanges and cooperation between the two parties. Therefore, in this International Trade Mission, Suppliers from Foshan had the chance to introduce their featured products and advantages on stage. Buyers from all over the world can also convey their procurement needs to more suppliers.

After the relax and pleasant communication part, Sourcing Matching Meeting, the climax of International Trade Mission, got started. At the meeting, buyers from 21 different countries and regions on five continents conducted one-to-one business negotiations with Chinese suppliers in the most efficient and direct way. In this meeting, suppliers directly showed their own strength and product advantages to the buyers through product catalogs, samples, brochures, etc. All buyers and suppliers had exchanged mutual information, and close cooperation is expected to follow.


After the meeting, we conducted a return visit to the participants for their feedback and suggestion of the event. It can be seen from the  feedback forms that over 80% of international buyers had found suitable suppliers at the event site and had great intentions to place orders. According to the suppliers participated, the quality of the buyers has increased, and the intention of placing orders was relatively large. It is reported that some buyers had already selected several products and produced PI, while several of them had decided to continue to participate in the next session. From the above, the effect of the Sourcing Matching Meeting is self-evident.

As one of the international activities of CeramBath, International Trade Mission embraces ceramic & sanitary ware buyers from all over the world. As a way to seek innovation and breakthrough, this event not only provides a platform for international buyers and Chinese suppliers to purchase and sell, but also bridges the gap between China ceramics and the world.


Feedback from Buyers

Bob Garg: It is good chance to meet different suppliers.

Samuel: The organization is up to standard and everything is well-organized.

Umer Shehzad: The event was well-organized and all the volunteers are very good and well-mannered.

Md Sadek Abdullah: Like this kind of organization, we can get the opportunity to know local market and products.

Ramya: Friendly, useful and good arrangements.

Aman Kumar: Everything is good. It is my first time to visit and I really like everything.


Representative Export Products from China Suppliers

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