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New in! New Showrooms Successfully Entered CCC

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China Ceramics City (short for CCC) serves as the most famous high-end trade and information service platform of ceramic tile, sanitary ware, tap & fitting, mosaic and other customized products in China. Integrating trading, exhibition and business service, CCC gathers more than 200 famous brands at home and abroad, representing the highest level of the sector in China. Recently, CCC has newly introduced several ceramic brands from home and abroad. Let’s take a look at them and discover what new trends and products they bring to us!


Showroom No.: B305

Originated from Italy, CAPUCINO, a brand of tiles, embodies the elegant taste and the essence of life. Capucino integrates the advanced lifestyles of humanity space from all over the world and accumulates them in the brand culture. This is elegance, the symbol of Capucino. It is one of the most popular ceramic brands in Europe. CAPUCINO FUTURE X is the forth experience store in China.

RepresentativeSeries: INFINITY+


Size: 1200×2400mm

Product Description: With 7 different designs, this series is also available for the size of 90*180cm. Thanks to its large size, the slab is ideal for use in large residential and commercial spaces.

Brand 2: Thinkhome

Showroom No.: B211

Founded in 2013, Thinkhome takes fashion, technology, environmental protection, value as development idea, social responsibility as their mission and devotes themselves in offering more top-end and leading-edge ceramic products. Fashion and luxurious will be eternal brand styles of Thinkhome who dedicates to develop higher living standard.

Representative Series: Blue Roma

Size: 800×1800×10mm

Product Category: glossy surface with 9 different textures

Product Description: ultramarine base with countless tiny dark crystal, rich champagne color matching with deep golden crystal makes the whole tile outstanding from others. Strong visual impact and meticulous workmanship is eye-catching, offering honourable and luxuries enjoyment to you.

Brand 3: Bolilo Ceramics

Showroom No.: A532

Founded in 2013, Bolilo Ceramics Specializes in producing handmade art tiles. With personality and good quality as its developing concept, the products are diversified in shape and form. It can be said that each piece of Bolilo tile is an art that cannot be duplicated, so Bolilo Ceramics is deeply recognized and loved by Europe, America, Middle East and other countries.

Representative Product: Jigsaw puzzle of childhood



Product Description:

Concept originates from jigsaw puzzle of our childhood. It is passionate in creating a feeling of nature and comfort by showing beauty and stereoscopic impression of the tile.

Brand 4: Shitao

Showroom No.: A530

Located in well-known hometown of porcelain - Sanshui, Shitao Ceramics specializes in producing ceramic permeable tiles. Shitao Ceramics takes permeable tile as the main permeable paving materials for the sponge cities. Ceramic permeable tile is a functional tile with the feature of permeability, intensity and skid-proofing. Moreover, its raw materials are ceramic scraps, so this product is environmentally friendly with its resources saving by reducing environment pollution and environmental load.

Representative Product: ceramic permeable tiles

Model: Red

Size: 200*100*55mm

Product Description: The design of permeable tile which applies vesicular structure can relieve the "heat island phenomenon".

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