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NANOGREESS: Exploring the Ultimate Experience of Life Aesthetics

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As the leading brand in promoting quality lifestyle, NANOGREESS takes ceramic products as the core, integrating Italian wine, coffee, aromatherapy and original design, creating a “natural, modern and humanistic” Italian life experience space, committed to bringing Italian quality products and lifestyles to China and the world.

Miss Chen, the official representative of NANOGREESS, guides us to explore the unique charm of this international brand, and to re-recognize NANOGREESS from a different perspective!


Journalist: Hello Miss Chen, Congratulations to NANOGREESS for winning the Gold Award for Outstanding Booth Design at the 32nd CeramBath. From your point of view, what would be your brand strengths in winning this award? And what are the strategic considerations of NANOGREESS in participating in CeramBath?

NANOGRESS: The real experience is the biggest advantage of NANOGREESS. Our pavilion is centered on tiles, but it is not just about producing tiles. More importantly, it concentrates on improving the experience of people's five senses to create a comfortable and natural space where you can speak freely and just be yourself. We participated in Cerambath, aiming to integrate the pure Italian life experience of ceramics, coffee and wine into the space through this big platform. From quality ceramics to quality life, we constantly explore and create the ultimate experience of life aesthetics so as to not only create a full-scale quality home of vision, taste, smell, hearing and touch, but also awaken the NANOGRESS family from all over the world to think about quality life and take into practice .

Journalist: From the design of the booth, we can see the uniqueness of  brand. As far as we know, NANOGREESS is a practitioner of the old buildings renovation. What do you think about the trend of the old building renovation? How do you understand the Italian cultural life philosophy that your brand follows?

NANOGREESS: As Italians advocate nature and respect nature, so in Italy, you can find that most of their buildings retain the traces of the past but the interior has been well refurbished. Through the renovation of old buildings, NANOGREESS's experience hall transforms this life culture into every detail, from showroom to a single product, which can make people feel the integration of history with modern civilization and the full interpretation of modern design.

Journalist: At present, brands in the industry are pursuing cross-border marketing. What do you think of “cross-border”? What changes it has brought us?

NANOGREESS: Cross-border is not just cross-border, but also a kind of MIX & MATCH, which means, mixing and matching different things together to reach the right point, so as to make cross-border works. NANOGRESS is to make coffee, wine and other Italian elements and tiles for MIX & MATCH, in order to enhance the taste of life. Moreover, it is not just a simple mix and match, we also have professional training instructors to carry out in-depth analysis and an international college to train students group by group to bringing quality living tastes to the world. Cross-border brings more possibilities to the industry and revitalizes its vitality.

Journalist: NANOGREESS pursues an Italian design aesthetic, what kind of design do you think is heart-touching?

NANOGREESS: Apart from affecting others by its appearance, a design what really touches people's hearts should be the story and the efforts of everyone behind it. Adhering to the original intention, NANOGRESS R&D team started the Italian root-seeking journey from the North to the South in order to explore Italian rock products in depth. We have set foot in more than 20 towns, collected rocks as design materials and integrated local art history into the product design, endowing the cold tiles with the temperature of life. As you known, a good product with a story can speak for itself.

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