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Ceramic Brands from China Ceramics City Landing Guangzhou Design Week!

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Good design is the core competence of corporate. Nowadays, ceramic companies are under fierce design competition that a strong smell of gunpowder has permeated over the industry. Regarded as a bench-marking exhibition of design in China, Guangzhou Design Week, held on November 27-29, is one of the strategic battlefield in the industry.


China Ceramics City (CCC) moved on again and led 10+ ceramic brands grandly strike a pose on the stage, including Art Deco, Daugres, KITO, FRLS, MATI Ceramics, Daulfin, Florina, LA’BOBO, Inoi, LUMINA STONE, SSWW, Tulip, Copper Unbounded, JNJ, MY BRASS DECOR and etc.. Let’s see what new products and innovation they bring to the world guests?


Brand 1: Daugres 

Product Portfolio: tiles, cabinet, furniture, bathroom products & extended home solution.

Sample Product : LOMBARDY·Laurent Gold

Product model: IBF1632029LUX

Product size: 1620*3240*5.6mm

LOMBARDY·Laurent Gold has dark base with golden texture giving you a strong visual shock enjoyment. With its decoration, the whole space is more noble, calm and decorous.

Brand 2: Daulfin

Product Portfolio: tiles, arts tiles(ceramics, stone and glass)

Sample Series : Tetris series

Tetris series apply the popular colour scheme of Macarons and Morandi with unique design to create temperament of internet celebrity, drawing your exclusive background wall.

Brand 3: Florina

Product Portfolio: ceramic tiles

Sample Series: French Pattern

French Pattern is a masterpiece inspired by French classic stone materials, such as Florence travertine, limestone and ceramic slab. It perfectly remakes the beauty of classic and combines modern aesthetics by deep research and development.

Brand 4: Art Deco

Product Portfolio: bathroom cabinets, ceramic products, bathroom accessories

Sample Product : YS1600

Applied modern design style of minimalism with stimuli-presenting mode of geometry section and elegant lines, this product can give you enjoyment of the fine and smooth corner and rough temperament of concrete.

Brand 5: Tulip

Product Portfolio: crystal glass mosaic, stone mosaic, cement tiles

Sample Series : Zebra crossing

In the space applying this series of products, you will found yourself in an entirely new world. These ornamental works integrate unique design and exquisite handicraft, sufficiently delivering delicacy and fashion.

Brand 6: Mati Ceramics

Product Portfolio: ceramics products

Sample Series : Polis series

Polis series is inspired by historical stone in European palaces and churches. It endows the sense of concavo-convex of worn stone by using Italian grinding technology, giving you a sense of comfort and gentleness.

Except for Guangzhou Design Week, CCC has brought Chinese ceramic brands to other International trade shows this year (2018), such as Mosbuild in April, China International Kitchen and Bathroom Expo (CIKB) in June, VietBuild in September and Dubai Big 5 in November...

Next year 2019, CCC will continue to bring more Chinese brands onto the world stage and deliver the unique charisma of China ceramics worldwide.

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