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Aesthetics into Products, Products into Life---Eagle 2086

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Under such fast-paced life pressure, people are gradually fed up with the complicated lifestyle and prefer to make the complicated simple. The simple and comfortable life becomes a new pursuit for new generation consumers. A good ceramic tile brand is not only about selling products, but also conveying “beauty” and “healthy life concept”. That’s Eagle 2086!

As a new generation brand, Eagle 2086 made its debut in the 32nd CeramBath and won Excellent Booth Design Award. To know more about the brand, we made an interview with Mr. Gao Xiaokai, general manager of engineering channel department of Eagle 2086.

Journalist: Thanks for your time to accept this interview. Congratulations to the Excellent Booth Design Award you won in the 32nd CeramBath. In your opinion, what significance do this prize have for Eagle 2086?

Mr. Gao: Thanks the organizing committee of CeramBath for awarding this prize to us. For Eagle 2086, this is a kind of support and encourage. We hope that a more fascinating booth will be presented to public in the next session.

Journalist: As we all known, the Projects' Products Hall of 32nd CeramBath is regarded as the industry innovation, and Eagle 2086 also participated in this grand occasion. What’s your evaluation of this pioneering work?

  Mr. Gao: CeramBath is a good platform, especially the Projects' Products Hall which has won high appreciation from distributors. This year, all the terminal channels of the industry are shrinking. In this backdrop, it seems that it would be impossible to have further development; however, those fast-growing brands turn to do projects, and now a majority of manufacturers are eyeing the opportunity of project channels. CeramBath plays a leading role in the industry and grandly pushes out Projects' Products Hall to attract real estate developers to come and look for what they need. Next year, we will keep supporting CeramBath.

Journalist: As an emerging brand, people are curious about what is Eagle 2086 born for and what’s its main orientation. Could you please share with us?

Mr. Gao: The emergence of Eagle 2086 is not only the company’s strategy, but also a derivative conforming to the development of industry. Different from Eagle Ceramics, Eagle 2086 takes “Simple Life, Comfortable Time” as brand keynote and specializes in modern tile, originating from native beauty of tile to present the poetic texture and imagination of time as well as bringing aesthetic shock to designers & consumers. 

Journalist: Comparing to other brands, what are the advantages of Eagle 2086 products?

Mr. Gao: Product is the core competitiveness of a brand. The traditional ceramics industry focuses more on products with abundant pattern, while Eagle 2086 aims to satisfy consumers’ beauty appreciation based on products aesthetics, to make products extend to space and integrate to life.

Journalist: Nowadays, there is a growing trend that more overseas brands enter Chinese markets. What do you think of this trend? Whether it would have great influence to the development of the domestic brands?

Mr. Gao: On one hand, not like the domestic brands, the output of imported tiles only occupies a small market share. On the other hand, the imported tiles are relatively expensive. It is not only because of the transportation cost, most importantly, due to high production cost for the complicative production technics to achieve abundant texture effect. Moreover, with the development of domestic production technology, domestic brands can equally matched with the overseas brands, meanwhile, domestic brands has an absolute dominance in cost, logistics and price.

Journalist: Once again, I would like to thank Mr. Gao for taking time out of your busy schedule to accept our interview. And I wish Eagle 2086 achieve fruitful results in the future!

Mr. Gao: Thank you!


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