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Tile Appreciation and Trends 2019

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Tiles are analogous to an artist’s canvas, presenting a blank surface ready for an endless range of design and creativity—from both aesthetic and technological standpoints.


Patterns, bold and contemporary graphics, texture of cement and concretes with metallic touches are sparking the surface industry.


We bring out the popular and future innovations in Surface Tiles, by some of the international brands.

Digitally Printed

The dark edition Wide & Style by ABK, featuring a dark-hued background, this collection encapsulates six floral motifs that would fit right in at a Vivienne Westwood boutique.


For forty years, the Italian fashion house Valentino and luxury ceramic tile manufacturer Ceramiche Piemme have collaborated to make glamorous wall and floor tiles.

Wood Finish

Versace has launched tiles Inspired by shou sugi ban—the traditional Japanese technique to preserve and finish wood using fire—these tiles feature a charred, tactile motif rendered by high-resolution digital printers.

Shapes & Colors

Ornamenta new collection Operare is a large format family of seven collections of saturated floor and ceiling tiles—all of which are digitally fabricated and completely customizable.

Texture & Natural Finish

Emulating the look and texture of a natural wood grain, the Treverkfeel collection by Marazzi is inspired by the knots and rings found in large planks of American walnut.

Metal & Cement Finish

Gritty and unfinished, Titan by Century- Finbec Group is a collection of seemingly-aged tiles in seven metals and cement finishes.


Designed by Italian architect Fabio Novembre, the Concreto collection by Lea Ceramiche of laminated porcelain tiles incorporates Lea Ceramiche’s Slimtech technology to create ultra-thin, large format porcelain slabs.

Textile Texture

Ceramic becomes like a texture in PAT, the latest collection of FAP Ceramiche. The series highlights a tactile feeling thanks to a refined pattern creating a pixelated tight weave.

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