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2019 Calls for change in bathroom trends

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Matt finish taps:

Experimenting with colour and texture in design is one style statement but black and white matt tap fitting are once considered a strictly high-end taste but with a growing number of buyers looking for alternatives to white sanitary ware, black matt, in particular, can create a dramatic statement for all. While only the bravest reader may opt to pair the look with a splash of oh-so-styling black matt fittings.

For monochrome traditionalists, shiny, crisp and even clinical is the name of the game, but the steady influx of pale gold fittings is unmistakable.

Bringing the green inside:

Planting works wonder for home design, while our ancestors may have compartmentalized the planting in the house for specific corners. But due steamy atmosphere of powder room modern bathroom favours the grace and splendour of a spider plant, peace lily, aloe vera or perhaps bamboo. With the worlds of interior and garden design cooperating more closely, the power of nature to soothe our souls makes indoor greenery a natural fit for your most important sanctuary.

Systematize luxury Spa:

The conventional appeal of soft and hues in the bathroom needs to meet the luxurious end of styling. An abundance of wicker baskets to hold your toiletries and towels will help recreate the sense of calm well-being you find in a luxury spa. Basin units constructed from rustic wood materials are proving popular, too, particularly when twinned with the bold, industrial brassware that has become the centrepiece of many bathroom designs.

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