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U.S. launches trade investigation on Chinese cabinetry

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The U.S. Commerce Department announced Wednesday that it has begun an anti-dumping and countervailing investigation into Chinese exports of wooden cabinets, bathroom cabinets and related components to the United States.


The ministry's statement said it will examine whether China dumped such products into the U.S. and whether the companies involved received unfair subsidies in China.


The Commerce Department's investigation is based on a complaint filed March 6 by the American cabinet association.


The alleged dumping rate for chinese-made wooden cabinets, bathroom cabinets and related components ranged from 177.36% to 262.18%.


The anti-subsidy investigation into China involves 36 alleged Chinese subsidy programs, including the provision of materials at below-cost prices, loan programs, grant programs, tax programs and export subsidy programs.


Chinese exports of wooden cabinets, bathroom cabinets and related components to the United States totaled about $4.4 billion in 2018.


If, after investigation, the mofcom determines that China is dumping wooden cabinets, toilet cabinets and related components into the United States, and the U.S. international trade commission determines that these dumping and unfair subsidies have caused injury to the U.S. industry, the mofcom will impose corresponding tariffs on the relevant products according to the dumping margin and the quantity of unfair subsidies.


During the Commerce Department's investigation, the itc will separately investigate whether U.S. industries and U.S. workers have been harmed or are at risk of injury, and will release its preliminary findings April 22.


If found guilty, the mofcom investigation will proceed, with the preliminary finding of the countervailing duty investigation published on May 30 and the preliminary finding of the anti-dumping duty investigation published on August 13.

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