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CCC VENUE:China Ceramics City

CCIH VENUE:China Ceramics Industry Headquarters

HUAXIA VENUE:Foshan International Conference & Exhibition Center

The 35th CeramBath Exhibitor list :

HUAXIA Venue H40 & H41 & H42 SHANGHAI ITILE NEW BUILDING MATERIALS CO., 上海欧瓷新型材料有限公司 LTD 上海欧瓷新型材料有限公司 VINON TOOLS 沃能工具 Vinon Tools/ FILA Cleaning Agent/ Genesis Side Entry/ Bostik/ Ittle
HUAXIA Venue H23 & H25 GUANGDONG VERY M NEW MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD VERY M Antiskid Agent/ Ceramic Tile Repair Products/ Ceramic Tile Accessories/ Others
HUAXIA Venue F63 GUANGDONG FOSHAN WEIDUOLIYA CERAMIC CO.,LIMITED 广东佛山维多利亚陶瓷有限公司 VICTORIA 维多利亚石代 Tiles/ Background Wall/ Sanitary Ware/ Software/ Others
HUAXIA Venue F06 佛山市千贝维纳灯饰有限公司 VIVNAI Others
CCIH Venue B01, Central Area 佛山市琟锦陶瓷有限公司 VIRG CASA 琟璟家居 House Furnishing
CCIH Venue B06, East Area 佛山市瓦莎齐陶瓷建材有限公司 VASKI 瓦莎齐 Modern Rustic Tiles
CCC Venue B206, 2F, China Ceramics City 佛山市唯吾装饰材料有限公司 vivo瓷砖 Tile
CCC Venue B209, 2F, China Ceramics City Zhuhai Youshe Building Material Co., Ltd珠海市优舍建材有限公司 VIVES / GRESPANIA维唯思 /格里西班尼亚 Tile/ Mosaic/ Background wall/ Sanitaryware
CCC Venue A419, 4F, China Ceramics City ZHEJIANG WANJIE INTELLIGENT BATHROOM CO.,LTD. 浙江万洁智能卫浴有限公司 VOGO Baths
CCC Venue B403, 4F, China Ceramics City Guangdong Vieany Science and Technology CO.,LTD. 广东唯雅妮科技有限公司 Vieany 唯雅妮 Baths/ Bathroom Accessories/ Shower Room/ Sanitaryware/ Bathroom Cabinet/ Kitchen & Bath

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