High End Original Peacock Art Mosaic Design

Item Number:JW018


Original high-grade art glass mosaic customized design for decoration of house, clubs, hotels etc.Size and colors can be customized.


We are committed to the research and development of mosaic core technology (production,design, techniques), and have accumulated a large number of patents of mosaic production technology. We have been leading the innovation and development of the entire industry with its forward-looking technology for over 28 years. Our company has the exclusive domestic mosaic practice, employment and entrepreneurship base, and carries out the practical training courses with many schools and institutes.

Material: Hot Meltting  Glass

Function: decoration for house, clubs, hotels etc 

Thickness: 4mm  

Application places : walls 

Surface:Glossy/ Smooth,but non-slip.Glossy.                                                                        

eg. Can I customize the product color?

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