Guangzhou South Railway Station


From Guangzhou South Railway Station to CeramBath:

Ø  Taxi or driving (takes 60min, costs appr. 80 RMB)

Ø  Railway  (takes 60 min, costs appr. 60 RMB)

Railway (From GZ South Railway Station to Foshan West Railway Station) → Bus No.K3 or taxi (get on Bus No.K3 at Foshan West station, get off at China Ceramics City North station)

Ø  Bus (takes 80 min, costs appr. 10 RMB)

Bus No.K6 (get on at GZ south railway station, get off at Jihua Park station)---Bus No.150 (get on at Jihua Park station, get off at China Ceramics City) 

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